August 13

Pokémon Amigurumi – Pin of the Week

cyndaquil ami


I actually came across Wolfdreamer‘s crochet patterns a few years ago, and I think they’re fantastic. This gorgeous Cyndaquil just popped up on my pinterest and I had to share it, as well as her other patterns, with you all. She not only has dozens of free Pokémon crochet patterns, she also has patterns for Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Bros, and lots of other wonderful characters to crochet. Thank you, Wolfdreamer, you’re awesome!

April 4

Geeky Easter Eggs

With Easter almost upon us, it’s time for creating eggs that show off your own natural geekiness!

For the steampunk fans out there, Jen from Epbot has once again created some beautiful metal-looking eggs with charms added as a great extra bit of cuteness. She used papercraft eggs as the base, and then modified metal tape to put over it.

Epbot Steampunk Eggs


Next, the wonderful crafters over at Our Nerd Home posted a quick and easy DIY to make your own Yoshi eggs! Using large plastic eggs from Michaels, they spray painted a layer of white, and then added large colored dots  to create eggs that Super Mario would be proud of.

DIY Yoshi Eggs Our Nerd Home

Hopefully that will help you geek-ify your Easter basket this year, and here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

August 13

Piranha Plant Cake Pops

Nothing is better than a good cake except good cake pops. And what could be better than GEEKY cake pops?!  Check out these mouthwateringly amazing Piranha Plant Pops over at baking blog,

Piranha Plant Pops

And the best part is that Rhiannon has posted detailed step-by-step instructions on how to recreate these geek pops, complete with cake recipes. How do you like the sound of Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes? Well that’s apparently what a Piranha Plant tastes like. Yum!

June 5

Crocheted Bowser Sweater

Why not dress your pet turtle up as everyone’s favorite baddie from the Super Mario Bros., Bowser, King of the Koopas!

I just had to do a follow-up post to my Crocheted Turtle Cozies! Jennifer Olivarez created this awesome Bowser costume for her friend’s turtle as part of the Make It! Challenge series on her blog Squirrel Picnic. And, just so we wouldn’t all be jealous, she shares detailed instructions with amazing step-by-step photos. Bowser sweaters for everyone!

Crocheted Bowser Sweater