April 6

Pokeball Jewelry: Gotta Wear ‘Em All

Pokeball Jewelry Set by Linda Potts

Back in the day, my son was all about Pokemon. He had this set of cards that told little stories about each one, and we would let him pick five to read aloud before bed every night. I also vividly remember making him a Pokemon ABC scrapbook, with all the first 150 Pokemon in alphabetical order. Mother of the Year, I tell ya!

It is with these fond memories in mind that I share with you this craft: a lovely matched set of crochet Pokeball pendant and earrings by Linda Potts. She has very kindly provided a full pattern for both.

She also has patterns for more than 35 individual Pokemon plush amigurumi patterns, including Pikachu, Charmander, and Azumarill. Snorlax is particularly cute.

Which Pokemon would you choose for a pet?

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March 23

WOW What a banner!

Crochet Horde banner by Kristin Dragos

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my family of geeks has long been fans of the massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft (WoW). And as long as they’ve been playing, they’ve always played Horde. So I was quite pleased when I ran across this crochet Horde banner by Kristin Dragos.

When I showed it to my husband, he told me it would be ok if I made it for him. :) I think it would also make a great addition to my son’s dorm room.

What about you? Are you Horde or Alliance?

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January 22

Super Mario Bros. Parkour

These two have taken “playing Mario” to a whole new level! (Pun intended.) And thanks to this ingenious creation I finally “get” parkour. I’m still not about to run off the edge of a perfectly good building, but I definitely appreciate the fun side of it now. Remember, don’t try this at home kids!

Mario and Luigi were played by Ronnie Shalviz and Christian Russell of CBR Stunt Team.

January 5

Con Cosplay: World of Warcraft Leather Armor Tutorial

Leather armor by OrangeMoose at Blizzcon 2009

Blood Elf sporting Valorous Regalia of Faith from World of Warcraft. Photo by Wow.com at Blizzcon 2009

Are you planning to attend any cons this year? Have some cosplay in mind? This World of Warcraft (WoWleather armor tutorial by DeviantArt user OrangeMoose may be just what you’re looking for. Check out her cool leather armor bodice.

Leather armor bodice by OrangeMoose

OrangeMoose has stepped out her armor-making process from pattern to cutting to assembly, including several pro-tips along the way, such as buying the leather in person instead of online, to be able to inspect for hide defects, and using an old bra to help draft out the chestpiece. She also steps out her process for making the Regalia of Faith shoulders from Styrofoam.

One thing she didn’t go into was how she created the pattern – my guess is she took a screenshot of her World of Warcraft character (perhaps using the WoW Model Viewer?), and then highlighted specific design details in a photo editing program. Looking at her tutorial, how do you think she created her pattern?

Be sure and check out her Gallery for pics of the cosplay in action. Amazing attention to detail.

What cosplay projects do you have lined up for 2014?

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December 15

Home is Where the Hearthstone is

World of Warcraft crochet hearthstone

My husband and kids were quick to jump on the World of Warcraft bandwagon when it was introduced in 2004. It’s hard to believe it will be 10 years next year! Due to their continued interest in the game, I immediately recognized this Ravelry Hearthstone project. With the holidays nearly upon us, perhaps you could use a hearthstone to return you to those you hold nearest and dearest?

Fitting in the palm of your hand, this cute amigurumi project would make a great stocking stuffer.

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September 29

Halloween: Minecraft Jack-o-lanterns

Minecraft Creeper Pumpkins

‘Tis the season of ghosts and ghouls and creepy jack-o-lanternsHalloween is just over a month away! What could be creepier than a Minecraft Creeper jack-o-lantern? Brenda Ponnay has you covered with an easy tutorial for making your own creepy Creeper pumpkins (or other vegetable).

I thought it was interesting that she was inspired by the green produce from her local farmers’ market, and that she used other vegetables in addition to pumpkins. Who would have thought of a Halloween green pepper?? Clever!

Sadly, my kids are past the days of decorating pumpkins, though I remember some fun Pokemon pumpkins from back in the day. What will you be carving your pumpkin into this year?

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