August 20

So i herd you liek mudkip

so i herd you liek mudkip

Are you looking forward to the new Pokémon games already? I can certainly say I’m thrilled with every bit of leaked news from badly-scanned Japanese magazines! The recent addition of Mega Evolutions throws something new to the mix and I can’t wait to find out awesome the even more powerful Pokémon will be in the games. As an European, the worldwide release date makes me a happy panda. To ease the wait til October, here’s a Pokémon craft.

While hats are not entirely in season, you’ll never know what the weather is going to be like in September, so you might want to start stocking up on them. (I mean, can you ever get enough?) I would surely recommend this Pokémon-inspired fleece hat by Higginstuff. For this beauty and more fleece hats and plushes, I direct you to her etsy shop.

January 20

Harry Potter Crochet Sorting Hat

Harry Potter sorting hat

Back in the day, the Warner Brothers site had an interactive game where you could answer a series of questions, and it would sort you into the appropriate Hogwarts’ house. It only took me about four tries to finally get into Gryffindor. :)

Perhaps you will get sorted there more quickly with this crochet Harry Potter-inspired Sorting Hat from Allison Hoffman at CraftyIsCool. I love how she was able to “sort out” the face on the hat – she really is a genius when it comes to crochet!

Be sure to also check out her recently released pattern set for all the Dr. Who’s!

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September 24

Why not Zoidberg?

There’s a chill in the air, so why not Zoidberg? What’s not to like about this Doctor Zoidberg Balaclava from Om Nom Nom Studios. It keeps you warm, and it puts strange little dangly squid monsters in front of your mouth. Best yet, it is nearly half of a Halloween costume. All you need is some similar color mittens and a lab coat and you’re ready to stay warm at an outdoor party.

May 5

Steampunked Upcycling!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Upcycyling, it’s when you take an item that is no longer of use like an old holey sweater or a broken wooden pallet and you craft it into something shiny and new. You can turn an old sweater into leg warmers or a cat bed. That broken pallet can be morphed into a raised planter box or even bookshelves.

Here is a Most Excellent upcycle that was found on Craftster. Mieljolie was looking for inspiration for a piece to donate to a silent auction at an upcoming Steampunk event. Look at her creation!

It’s hard to believe it but this hat is made up of strips cut from a remnant of polar fleece and the metal tabs that you find on cans of soda. The technique is called tabistry and you use the strips to weave the tabs together. She changed the color of the polar fleece to make the stripes. The beer goggles are made from 2 (now empty obviously!) beer cans, some leather bits and studs for decorative effects.

Ingenious I say!

April 21

The Cake is Not a Lie

The Cake is Not a LieIt’s a hat!  Yes, Nimcraft has created a free pattern for a knitted Portal Cake Hat that is absolutely adorkable.  This hat, a recreation of the chocolate cake in Portal 1 and 2, is also a quite delectable head warmer during cold months.  Knitted in worsted weight yarn, Nimcraft gives suggestions for making it in other weight yarns as well.  Not familiar or a fan of the game portal?  That’s okay, I don’t think there’s too many people that don’t like chocolate cake anyway!



April 8

Dr. Who Meets Jayne Cobb

Unfortunately, the tragically short-lived TV series “Firefly” wasn’t on the air long enough to do a crossover episode, but clever crafter came up with the idea to do a Firefly/Dr. Who mashup project: a knit Jayne Cobb hat done in Dr. Who scarf colors. She (HolyNarf?) calls it her “Doctor Jayne” hat.

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat

Doctor Who-Jayne Cobb hat, pic 2

The effect is so subtle that most would probably not recognize that it’s Doctor Who colors, even if they might recognize the Jayne Cobb hat style. And the colors are definitely male-friendly, which I love – it can be hard to find manly hat patterns. At least for my men. Do you ever have the same problem? Would this hat make the “acceptable crafting” list for a man in your life? Or maybe yourself?

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