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February 11


I have a confession to make.

I’m a geek. I love most all things sci-fi and fantasy. However, I’ve not understood why or how the whole kawaii movement began to infiltrate my geeky world. What’s with the big eyes and everything all of a sudden has to be teeny tiny? I just shook my head in confusion.

And then…I found yodagurumi!

GAH!!! I must have him! Now, the website is in Spanish which could be an obstacle for some, but I can tell you that she doesn’t admit to whether the patterns are her own creation or if she bought them somewhere. Regardless, I MUST HAVE! LOL

Creepetz has created quite a bit of Kawaii Creatures but if you keep scrolling, you will see the entire Neverland cast, Alice in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and Cheshire cat, Spiderman, and Darth Vader as well. I read her Spiderman entry and it said that her Spidey is 25 cm (or approximately 9.5 inches). If so, that means that Yodagurumi is most likely about 4-5 inches in height. My aging eyes rebel at the very thought of working with a project that small!

CREEPETZ: amigurumi.

December 15

Nothing Says “Happy Holidays” Like Yoda!

I was playing around the web this week and came upon a really fantastic origami Yoda. And I thought “I will share this with my Geek Crafts peeps!” But finding the pattern [PDF] was tricky. I eventually succeeded, though you’ll notice the (very few) written directions are in Spanish. The translations are pretty easy to guess, but if you want to be very sure, Google Translate is more than up to the task.

I think he’d look splendid on a Christmas tree (or on/alongside any other holiday accoutrements that might be part of your celebrations)!

This isn’t the end of my story, though. Because I do my internet browsingwork on a shockingly-crashy Mac, and I lost both of the browser windows I had open in order to remember this fun little Yoda. So I tried to retrace my digital steps in, admittedly, a rather lackadaisical way. I ended up finding a totally adorable “baby Yoda” ornament pattern from Etsy seller Woolly Boully, as well as a book about an origami Yoda (or really about life as a sixth grader). I seriously need to learn to crochet, because I need this ornament on my tree! Not want. Need.

January 19

Yoda Days of the Week Tea Towel: Thursday

sewclever posted this Yoda Days of the Week Tea Towel over on flickr (and her blog).

Back in the day, housewives tended to do chores in a certain order to make sure everything got done, and it was such a common scheme that day-of-the-week dishtowels emblazoned with that day’s chore were everywhere. Days of the Week tea towels usually feature images of animals or cute childrendepicting the days chores: Laundry, Baking, Cleaning, etc. sewclever asked a friend, Dagwood, to create days of the week images featuring Yoda, and Thursday’s chore is foraging.

I hope she finishes the set, because I can’t wait to see the Yoda version of the other chores!

October 8

Kids Yoda Costume

I mentioned last month that I was hoping to make a Yoda costume for my daughter Pearl, and yay, I finished it! I wrote it up as a tutorial for CRAFT: as part of their big Halloween round-up.

This is a super easy project to do if you sew — I finished it within a week. My favorite parts to make were the hat (I used Heather Mann‘s tutorial and actually made a little set of three in different sizes),

and the snake.

Please let me know if you make a Yoda costume too, I’d love to see it!