November 8

Ewok Softie Tutorial

As I start to hear Christmas music being played (it’s only November!), I realize that I need to start on planning gifts for people. Nearly everyone who watched the original Star Wars wanted an Ewok at some point. I know I did! While you probably can’t give your friends a real Ewok, this adorable stuffie toy might just work!

Ewok stuffie toy

Mollie from Wild Olive created this stuffie tutorial for Star Wars day, May 4th, and it’s one of the cutest Ewoks I’ve ever seen. She provides the pdf pattern for the Ewok and its hood, and the only thing I would change about it would be to add arms and legs. The only things you need are two fabrics in the colors you’d like (she used corduroy), some stuffing, and embroidery thread. So easy, and super adorable! Guaranteed to be loved by Star Wars fans of all ages – give it to a friend or keep it for yourself! Happy sewing!

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March 23

My Little Pony: Dr. Whooves


Craftster user dfabbric made a cute MLP as the pony-fication (is that even a word?) of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to portray the Doctor.

“I’m really happy with how he turned out, though he looks a little angry. The pattern is by Valleyviolet. I hand knit his scarf and it’s removable.” dfabbric also has a blog, where she’s known as Diane, out of Alberta, Calgary.

Valleyviolet owns Violet’s Curious Miscellany over at Etsy, where the pony patterns range anywhere from $15-$45. And just in case a plush pony isn’t enough for you, check out the “Pony Creator” by General Zoi at Deviant Art.

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July 15

Meet Spocktopus: A Highly Logical Octopus


Often when I can’t fall asleep at night, my thoughts turn to crafts. I solve all sorts of crafty conundrums in that drowsy half-dozing state – the perfect glue to adhere something, the right binding for a sewing project, where I last saw my size “P” crochet hook…

Plagued with menopause-induced insomnia, Karen at SewMuch2Luv lay awake one night and thought of crafts, too. That’s how she came up with the idea to combine an octopus with Star Trek for a friend. The result: Spocktopus.

I love that he has the gold rickrack on his tentacles – nice detail.

What kind of crafty meanderings keep you awake at night? Or what project would you work on if you had insomnia?

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July 14

Have You Hugged a Nightmare Lately?

Have You Hugged a Nightmare Lately? Why would you want to do that?  Well, how about when the nightmare is a huggable version of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas?  Jack is crocheted in not-so-living black and white acrylic yarn.  The free pattern is the creation of April Folts of April Draven Designs.  When completed, Jack measures about fifteen inches tall and is worked in single crochet throughout.


April 28

Area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless.

Area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless. And the cube is not companionless once you crochet this mini weighted cube and Chell!  Chell even has her own Portal Device too.  Designed by Nerdigurumi, the pattern is free.  It uses various colors of worsted weight yarns and some wire for Chell to allow her to be posable.  Nerdigurumi warns that this pattern is a bit more than beginner as it requires some ‘cobbling and fiddling’ to assemble.

April 10

Do the Dodo

A friend of mine, Rudi, emailed me these photos of the Ffordian Dodo he recently cloned, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to show off on his behalf.

Vikwick is an early version 1.2 dodo, without wings – but since they are flightless that doesn’t seem to make any difference to her quality of life. Vikwick has recently been involved in the SpecOps 27 investigation into Adrian Lush, since the TV host recently opened a chain of bath & beauty product stores and is under suspicion of using the strong smell emanating from the shops to disguise a cheese smuggling operation….

Vikwick was made from socks, following the tutorial on my blog (tutorial includes wings, if you want the)  – the Sockie Dodo’s are 100% Jasper Fforde approved (his little daughter has one) and are really easy to make… but be warned, if you make one, they will steal all your marshmallows

Clone Your Own Dodo Tutorial