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October 23

Mom’s Basement – Handmade Geeky Fun

Today’s post is brought to you by Holly of Custom Comix!



Calling all Geekery Crafters and lovers of all things handmade and geeky! My name is Holly Donahue and about 4 years ago I started Mom’s Basement, an team aimed towards bringing geekery crafters together to share advice, participate in projects  and just talk and learn from each other. Like minded people who come together? Awesome.

Mom’s Basement was extremely active with over 1300 members and the community was filled with helpful people reaching out, making new friends and participating to keep the geekery on Etsy a community and not a competition. A geek crafters utopia! Unfortunately, with changes in Etsy’s interface, Etsy teams weren’t as accessible and almost forgotten. So, in an attempt to bring back the spirit of this community, I decided to create a facebook group for any and all geekery crafters that would like to join in and be among people that share your interests and struggles. Have an Etsy/Store Envy shop? Interested in selling your wares but don’t know where to start? Love to shop handmade? All are welcome!

This facebook group is brand spanking new, but I know we can catch fire and be booming in no time. I hope to see some new faces and look forward to making new friends! If you are interested in joining, you can find us by following this link –

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July 2

Handmade Star Wars Dress

We’ve featured a few great handmade dresses on Geek Crafts recently – there was the Starfleet dress, the dragon dress, the space dress and the rather bizarre bread tag dress. So here’s another wonderful user submission – a handmade Star Wars dress:

Star Wars Dress by Cation Desgns

Cindy of Cation Designs last year acquired some original Star Wars: A New Hope bed sheets, and did what any crafty science teacher would do: turn them into a dress. And while Cindy is pretty critical of it on her blog, I think we can all agree that it looks incredible.

There are a few other geeky dresses on Cation Designs as well that are worth a look. Check out the Batman Dress or Spiderman Dress, for example. It’s times like this that I wish I owned a sewing machine, knew how to operate one, and had patience in buckets. But then if we could all do this, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome, would it?!

April 27

Handmade Sally From “The Nightmare Before Christmas”


Hannah081986, a poster over at Craftster, recently uploaded some pictures of the Sally doll from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that she recently made.

“Sally is complete. Jack finally has a partner. She was fun to make. She stands about 18 inches tall. Her dress is made from felt pieces, and she is hand painted. What do you think? Smiley The movie is very dull colored, so she make look a bit bright but it gives her personality haha <3 She and Jack were made for my niece, she is IN LOVE with Nightmare before Christmas, so, naturally, I had to make them for her.”


For anyone interested in their own Sally doll, there is a free pattern on Ravelry for a crocheted version of a patchwork doll, courtesy of Irene Strange. While the Ravelry version isn’t named for Sally, take a look at her and decide for yourself.

February 29

Handmade QR Code Die

Yo dawgs, I heard you liked crafted geekery. So I found you a hand-needle-felted QR code die that, when rolled and then scanned, resolves to between one and six six-sided dice (1d6 to 6d6) being “rolled,” via So you could geek while you geek.

OK, maybe that meme’s played out.

Seriously, though, I can’t begin to express how pleased and impressed this craft makes me! First of all, my forays into needle felting were both unsuccessful and physically painful (I wish I were joking), and, second, just cross-stitching one QR code was sufficiently challenging that I promised myself I’d never do it again. There was some pretty serious time and dedication invested in this craft, which I found on Shannon Henry’s Flickr stream, via, of course, Pinterest. She describes it as a “meta die,” which makes sense, right? I wonder (but not enough to do the math myself) if it has the same distribution as a d36.

Anyway, hats off to one very geeky, very talented lady!

February 13

Handmade Hunk (an apology)

I felt bad for not being more romantically themed. I’m afraid the whole flowers and chocolates thing just isn’t in my genetic make-up. But Handmade Ryan Gosling is totally in my realm of interest, and so to apologise for my hard-heartedness, I present to you the yummiest meme on the internets. I realise you will have seen it before, but that’s really no reason not to see it again. Enjoy.

(If anyone manages to craft themselves a Ryan Gosling, please write a tutorial…)

Handmade Ryan Gosling tumblr