December 21

Get Your Last-Minute Geek On with Christmas Printables

Happy Who-lidays TARDIS Christmas card by Natalie Shaw at Doodlecraft

The countdown to Christmas is down to single digits now – are you ready? I still have some wrapping to do, so of course I turned to the Internets for some ideas. And they did not disappoint. Here are several options for adding some geek flair to your gift wrapping.

First up is a series of Doctor Who-inspired printable holiday cards (like the one pictured above) by Natalie Shaw at Doodlecraft. (You may remember her Doctor Who Holiday Countdown I recently linked to.) Well, she has even more Doctor Who craft ideas up her sleeve! She created A2 card size (1/4 of a sheet) images featuring Daleks, Judoon, Weeping Angels, the Silence, and Cybermen. Hey, even villains celebrate holidays!

Minecraft gift tags by Ellie Petrov

Next up, Ellie Petrov designed some Minecraft gift tags and graciously shared them. She offers a PDF of Minecraft Santa tags, and one of Minecraft snowmen.

Doctor Who printable gift tags from Being Geek Chic

Liz over at Being Geek Chic also has some Doctor Who-inspired printable wrapping options – both gift tags and wrapping paper.

Have you found any other geeky wrapping options? How are you planning to add geek flair to your holidays?

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December 20

A Custom Repaint of a “Big Bang Theory” Sheldon Cooper Doll


Noel Cruz is an artist of several mediums, but his work with repainting regular dolls into mini masterpieces might be his most stunning work ever! Noel describes repainting a new form of pop art, wherein the doll’s face is treated like a three dimensional canvas, with the added challenge of painting within a very small area and an even greater challenge of recreating a real person’s likeness. Since dolls are basically miniature pieces, brush strokes and shading have to be very controlled and precise.

With his work on the Sheldon Cooper doll, he started with the formerly Tonner’s 17-inch San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusive Sheldon Cooper doll, trimmed his hair, removed all the paint from the face, and started repainting it, spending a good amount of time to create the illusion of contouring. Once Sheldon’s mini me was finished, Noel put him on eBay, where he sold in October 2014, for $535.

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December 17

The Vanilla Studio – Dinosaur Menorahs

It’s time for Hanukkah! And what says Hanukkah more than a metallic painted toy dinosaur?

Lisa Pierce of The Vanilla Studio makes hand crafted menorahs from plastic prehistoric animal toys.

Menorasaurus Rex


In silver or gold tone, these menorahs are fancy, shiny, and downright fun. Lisa also offers candle holders for your year-round lighting needs. And, according to Lisa’s Etsy profile, it sounds like more exciting projects are underway.

We created The Vanilla Studio years ago as an empty container to hold our creative dreams and endeavors. It’s currently a home for a menagerie of hand-crafted animal menorahs. Stay tuned to see what else we put in the box!

Other fun menorah links:

Hand Carved Sea Monster Menorah by aerosquirrel

Wooden Puzzle Menorah for Kids by Yair Emanuel Judaica

Industrial Pipe Menorah by Jonah’s Pipeworks

Dragon’s Wing Menorah by HL Sculpture

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December 14

Game of Thrones craft: Iron Throne Phone Holder

DIY Game of Thrones Iron Throne phone holder

Is a new mobile phone on your holiday wish list? Then you might want to prepare a place to hold it. This mini Iron Throne phone holder is a clever use of materials – and no scheming, conniving or murdering required to claim it!

Susie posted a tutorial over at Cut Out + Keep that incorporates foam, coffee stirrers, cocktail swords, polymer clay, and acrylic paint. Her design even features a hole in the front to thread a charger into so you can use it as a docking station.

I love her idea to use the cocktail swords – they look great with the metallic paint job!

Links of Interest:

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December 13

Xena Princess Warrior Doll Hack

Suereal posted a doll modification she did on Craftster: Xena, Warrior Princess from an unknown thrift store doll.


Aside from making the entire costume and her accessories, all Suereal had to do was boil wash and cut her hair, and then repaint her eyes. The doll was completely flat chested, so Suereal made the breast armor out of two balls of brown FIMO with a coil added as detail to the armor. The squiggles that join the breast bits to the shoulder are wire painted gold. The rest of the metal details are gold Martha’s paint. All the armor is sewn and glued on. The details were painted while the armor was flat. The armor pieces are all cut from a vinyl sample book from a decorating store. Her chakram is made of two parts: the inner gold part is a metal part painted gold, the blade part is silver FIMO. The holder is just a bit of wire bent to serve it’s purpose. The sword is a tongue depressor with FIMO accents.

After the base was made, Xena was sent off her to her home in a swap.

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December 12

Gift A Geek: Tea! Just What The Doctor Ordered


Tea! That’s all I needed. A good cup of tea. A superheated infusion of free radicals and tannin. Just the thing for heating the synapses.

15eb_doctor_who_tardis_tea_infuserDid you think I had a different Doctor in mind? I mean there are 12 to choose from.

The Tardis Tea Infuser is available at Think Geek  But to get to the actual Tea. We have so many choices. Like tea itself wasn’t geeky enough there are fandom blends to make you happy.

Fandom Blend Tea Sets from Adagio Tea  Firefly, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who…pick a sampler blend for $19. If there’s a fandom or three you want to try/gift.

Tea and Absinthe   Doctor Who teas and Tea, Earl Grey Hot.  They also have a few tea accessories.

Tea and Other Things – Butterbeer and Chocolate Frog flavored tea need I say more?

And of course you will need something to make this tea in:


I feel like there is a degree of Serenity placing those words on a teapot.

And One would be remiss to not provide something to drink the tea from. I pity the fool without a tea mug.


Build the geekest tea set you can, and go off and spread tea among the masses.  All of the shops linked above, have a few other choices for mug, for pot, for infuser, and of course for Tea.

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