November 24

Thor voted sexiest man alive!


Last week People Magazine announced that the lovely Chris Hemsworth (photo Credit: Ben Watts), aka Thor, is this year’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Well, duh.

In honor of this prestigious award, I thought, for my first post as a contributor to Geek Crafts, I’d share some awesome Thor related tutorials.

Thor’s Hammer


Of course, you can’t talk Thor and not talk Mjolnir, his big . . . hammer.  :)  Here’s a great Instructable on building your own hammer.

If you’re looking for something a little less “cosplay” and a little more “toy“, try this tutorial from Doodlecraft .  It’s a bit more kid friendly, and you might even have the materials needed already, since it uses things like a hot glue and an old pillowcase.

Thor Costume Fun


The folks at Cutesy Crafts have this delightful tutorial on making your own superhero masks, including the mighty god of thunder.  Supposedly these awesome masks are meant just for kids, but really? I think these would make fabulous accessories for everyday wear.


This tutorial from Life Sprinkled with Glitter has to be my favorite.  It’s a baby Thor costume DIY, and Colleen Wickersheim has got step-by-step instructions, with pictures, on creating the costume, helmet, and hammer. I’m thinking this would be perfect for my nephew’s first Halloween next year.

Need a Thor of your very own?


Over at Photobucket you can find this free printable to make your very own 3-D paper Thor created by Jim Bowen (username trogdoriangrey).


You may have seen this one featured on Geek Crafts before, but it’s so worth sharing again.  Ravelry creator Jess Newstone has got the cutest little god of thunder amigurumi pattern ever and it’s free!  She’s even got Thor’s adopted bad boy brother amigurumi pattern (free to0!).


More links of interest:


October 9

Free Knitted Zombie Pattern!

Isn’t he just lovely? You can thank Fiona Goble for designing this handsome fellow, and Craft Foxes for posting the pattern (with permission of course). He’s actually just one of the zombies you can knit because there’s a whole book of them! Fancy having a Zombie Cop? Perhaps a movie classic like Frankenstein’s Monster or The Mummy? Pick up a copy of Knit Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble and you can make them all!

Free Knitted Zombie Pattern!

My favourite part? The fact that the intestines “tuck neatly into their own specially made pouch.” Awesome.

June 22

Michonne and Her Pet

It’s no surprise that I am a fan of the poppets that SpeakGeekandEnter makes. This is now the third (or maybe fourth, I’ve lost track) poppet of her’s that I’ve posted here.


“The amazing Poppet-making Goddess Lanikins graciously agreed to do a swap with lil ol’ me, and this was what I came up with for her. We gave each other a list of characters we love and would like to see plushified/poppetfied and on her list two things caught my eye; Michonne (from The Walking Dead) and ZOMBIES. A perfect combination,” SGAE wrote about this set of poppets.


“Her hair is yarn and took foreverrrr to arrive, but it was worth the wait, I think. Each strand has been individually sewn into her head, and I kind of cheated and her bandana is sewn into her head, too.”


“His face. O__O I had no idea on how I was going to pull off the “no lower jaw” look. I did some test with trying to make a plush with half a face, which all turned out as truly spectacular fails, haha. I ended up painting it to (hopefully) give some kind of illusion of him missing his jaw.”

SGAE does have an Etsy shop, in case you’re interested in having a poppet of your very own.

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May 19

The Girl Who Waited

Today, we have another project by SpeakGeekAndEnter, a regular poster over at Crafter. SGAE was last featured here in March 2013 for the Daryl Dixon plush from “The Walking Dead.” Today’s entry is Amy Pond, “The Girl Who Waited.”


‘I’ve been working to try and add in more details to my plushies — since most of my plushies are one of a kind dolls, I figure I might as well make them the very best, with as many details, as I can. I used silver metallic thread for her ‘zipper’ which I loveeeee. And bonus, I even got to use some of those “fancy” stitches on my machine that I never thought I’d use.”

And if you’re interested in getting your own Amy Pond doll, SGAE still has an Etsy store by the same name.

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April 27

Handmade Sally From “The Nightmare Before Christmas”


Hannah081986, a poster over at Craftster, recently uploaded some pictures of the Sally doll from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that she recently made.

“Sally is complete. Jack finally has a partner. She was fun to make. She stands about 18 inches tall. Her dress is made from felt pieces, and she is hand painted. What do you think? Smiley The movie is very dull colored, so she make look a bit bright but it gives her personality haha <3 She and Jack were made for my niece, she is IN LOVE with Nightmare before Christmas, so, naturally, I had to make them for her.”


For anyone interested in their own Sally doll, there is a free pattern on Ravelry for a crocheted version of a patchwork doll, courtesy of Irene Strange. While the Ravelry version isn’t named for Sally, take a look at her and decide for yourself.

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March 23

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead Plush

cdaryl1If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead,” you can have your favorite character but you can’t deny the popularity of Daryl Dixon, as portrayed by Norman Reedus. And that popularity just continues to grow, especially with SpeakGeekandEnter from Craftster making a plushie of our favorite little archer.

And that poncho is even custom made, “The poncho was made by recreating the poncho pattern in photoshop and then printing it on inkjet printable cotton. It closes with snaps on the back…” He’s got a tiny little black leather vest underneath.”…this time in his poncho, red button up shirt, leather vest (of course Wink) and brown pants! I make all my standing


plushies one of a kind in terms of costumes, so I think this is going to be the last one until they give him something different to wear next season.  Cheesy ….Y’know, if he makes it to next season. *fingers crossed*”

As far as other Craftster projects go, SpeakGeekandEnter has used a similar plushie pattern to make a doll of David Tennant as the Doctor. SGAE also runs the Etsy shop of the same name.




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