August 31

Nice Knockers! Labyrinth cosplay

Talking Knockers Labyrinth cosplay by Brittney Benjamin

You gotta hand it to a girl with a nice pair of knockers. Indeed, Brittney Benjamin crafted hers herself, based on the talking door knockers in the movie Labyrinth. Working with two pounds of Sculpey and an old bra, she created some rather eye-catching cosplay. (Though it’s rude to stare.)

I remember watching Labyrinth in my youth, and vaguely remember being pretty scared by it. I should probably watch it again to see why. Probably just the sight of David Bowie in those pants.

April 25

C is for Cameo

Thanks to EPBOT I have found the greatest set of geeky cameos. If the title of the post didn’t make it clear I’m sure the  Cookie Monster Cameo helps clear it up.  Geek Goddess Creations  has tons on hand crafted cameos following all sorts of crafty themes.


Look at that hand crafted beauty. She has a bunch of other fandoms as well. Mario, Pokemon, Doctor who, and a few more.



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April 2

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: Man or Mouse?!

Have you ever seen something so cute you’ve actually squealed out loud? Of course you have; you’re a Geek Crafts reader. But seriously, I’ve just had the biggest cute-fest in weeks browsing through Quernus Crafts’ photostream over on Flickr, after seeing this incredibly wonderful mini sculpture:

Captain Mal Reynolds Mouse

It’s Mal Reynolds! From Firefly! But he’s a mouse!

I was a HUGE fan of Firefly (why, Fox, whyyy?) so was instantly drawn to this precious piece of polymer clay. But then I looked through some of the other things that Kirsten has made and found there was a goldmine of beautifully crafted figurines, and something for any type of geek. Harry Potter geeks, Terry Pratchett geeks, Comic Book geeks, Torchwood geeks, Hobbit geeks, Manga geeks, Dr Who geeks, Science geeks, Star Wars geeks, or just a geek who likes cute things.

Check out the Quernus Crafts website too, where you can shop or even commission your own Quernus creation. I am now deleting all my Quernus bookmarks though, because I’m scared I’ll just go and buy everything.

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September 17


Yeesh…cheesy title for the post this week, right? Sorry about that. I’ve had a looong weekend at the Small Press Expo in suburban Washington DC. But on the other end of that cheesy title folks is a double whammy: a chess set (gasp!) with a Doctor Who theme (wheee!)  I found this via the deviantart page of Eladin Skywalker, a sculptor who made all 32 pieces from scratch out of polymer clay. The piece breakdown is as follows:

Evil side:
King: The Master
Queen: Lady Cassandra
Bishops: Cybermen
Knights: Judoon & Sontaran
Rooks: Weeping Angels
Pawns: Daleks

Good side:
King: The Doctor (Ten)
Queen: Professor River Song
Bishops: Ood
Knights: Captain Jack Harkness & The Face of Boe
Rooks: Tardises
Pawns: Baby Adipose

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June 23

May the bars be in your favor!

Check out this cell phone decorated with adorable chibi Katniss, Gale and Peeta! Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with bars lately. Can you use your cell phone here…or here…no, maybe just outside of this door and to the left. We go through some weird antics just to be able to send a quick text, tweet or make that important phone call. At least while we wander around like a person possessed trying to find that elusive bar, we can look good.

Can you hear me now? Do I care? My cell phone looks AWESOME!