April 2

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: Man or Mouse?!

Have you ever seen something so cute you’ve actually squealed out loud? Of course you have; you’re a Geek Crafts reader. But seriously, I’ve just had the biggest cute-fest in weeks browsing through Quernus Crafts’ photostream over on Flickr, after seeing this incredibly wonderful mini sculpture:

Captain Mal Reynolds Mouse

It’s Mal Reynolds! From Firefly! But he’s a mouse!

I was a HUGE fan of Firefly (why, Fox, whyyy?) so was instantly drawn to this precious piece of polymer clay. But then I looked through some of the other things that Kirsten has made and found there was a goldmine of beautifully crafted figurines, and something for any type of geek. Harry Potter geeks, Terry Pratchett geeks, Comic Book geeks, Torchwood geeks, Hobbit geeks, Manga geeks, Dr Who geeks, Science geeks, Star Wars geeks, or just a geek who likes cute things.

Check out the Quernus Crafts website too, where you can shop or even commission your own Quernus creation. I am now deleting all my Quernus bookmarks though, because I’m scared I’ll just go and buy everything.

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