October 8

Pokemon Etsy Treasury


Pokemon is serious business in our house. It is one of the most treasured and sacred of our fandoms. Anticipation for Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is high to say the least. I present to you this adorable Pokemon Etsy treasury. Don’t forget to click on through and check out your favourites! Which Pokemon game has been your favourite so far?

September 14

Find Geeky Fabrics at Spoonflower

Doctor Who headband by Costume Wrangler

Have you heard of Spoonflower? It’s a company/site that allows you to create print-on-demand fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap. Which makes it a geekcrafter’s dream, both for designers and general crafty folk. You can upload your own designs to print on fabric and such, or browse the thousands of patterns created by others. There are a bounty of categories, including Geek, and pretty much every fandom you can think of is represented, including Doctor Who (see also Whovian), Star Trek, Firefly, Sherlock, and Hobbit. I’m personally eyeing this swirly Doctor Who fabric by Risarocksit to make a skirt in the near future. (I actually took a skirt making class, just so I could use this fabric!)

I recently met a geekcrafter who uses Spoonflower to print her designs and then creates items to sell in her Etsy shop – Elinor Parker, aka The Costume Wrangler. I purchased a cool Doctor Who headband (pictured above) from her at a local craft fair, which features her custom design of TARDISes spinning in the cosmos.

Have you created anything with Spoonflower fabric? Or purchased anything made from custom-designed fabric? Link us up in the Comments section below!

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August 22

We Are Groot.

Everyone wants to get their hands on a certain dancing tree. Well there are ways now, you can give a crafter some support, or you can take up the tools of your preferred craft and have at it. Heck there was a post here just a couple days ago with a lovely piece of Groot jewelry.


So lets start a list:

Want to Crochet your own Groot? There’s a free pattern for that!


Would you rather buy a crocheted Groot? Go here,  here or here!  You might end up with a few other figures at that last link!

Want to wear a  Groot? The Bird The Bee has got you covered. The shop also has a smaller Groot head pendant.


You can also find a Groot Brooch here. Perhaps you want a decorative but non wearable Groot. We have that too and more.


I know what you are saying, that’s all well and good but I want my Groot to dance.  Well, The Mary Sue shared the instructions to do that as well.


After all that there is only one thing left to say. I am Groot.

November 22

One Geek to Craft Them All

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret. I’m a crafty geek. I know you are all stunned I can see it. Can you imagine a geeky crafter? Okay, I’ll stop being silly now, but the fact is I make geeky jewelry, knitting patterns,  and stitch markers. I have had an Etsy shop for a few years, and it full of items inspired by Comics, Books, Movies, TV, Mythology, Fairy Tales, and so forth.

2013-09-17 23.03.28-2

What fandoms you may be asking?  Well the photo above, were from my Addams Family line of Stitch Markers. You will also find, Game of Thrones, Marvel Characters, DC Characters, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, Stargate,  Harry Potter, Supernatural, to name a bunch of the places I have been inspired by to make things.  Like Spoilers  Earrings.


Earrings inspired by River Song, and her diary. Full of time travel secrets.  Doctor who not your cup of tea, what about  a pair of Loki Earrings?


And I’ve posted so much about knitting here lastly I leave you with a set of my Aquaman stitch markers.


So feel free to check out my shop. The November update goes live later today, and will be full of things in honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and other geeky items.  There may be pie involved.


May 31

Darwin – Friday Treasury

darwin treasury

Charles Darwin was one of the most influential minds of the 19th Century. To celebrate his contribution to science, here is a collection of arts and crafts inspired by Darwin and his work. As usual, click on the picture to go to the treasury!