October 1

Crafting in SPACE!

Karen Nyberg works for NASA as a flight engineer, and is currently floating around the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth every 91-and-a-bit minutes at an altitude of around 380 km. She became the 50th woman to ever go into space in 2008 when she was mission specialist on board Space Shuttle Discovery.

But you know what makes Karen so awesome? She is a crafter. And last week Karen crafted a toy dinosaur in SPACE! It doesn’t get much more geek-crafty than that.

Crafting in SPACE!

Karen says, “I made this dinosaur for my son last Sunday, September 22. It is made out of velcro-like fabric that lines the Russian food containers found here on the International Space Station. It is lightly stuffed with scraps from a used t-shirt.” So not only is this a fun craft, but it’s also some pretty good upcycling too!

Make sure you check out Karen’s Pinterest page, where there are some awesome photos from and on board the ISS. You can also follow her on Twitter as @AstroKarenN.


September 17

Fibre Optic Star Map

I seem to keep posting rather high-tech geek crafts lately, but there are just so many good ideas out there that need to be shared. So today I bring you a hand-made Fibre Optic Star Map, created by Imgur user, krid7.

Fibre Optic Star Map

Bringing this wonderful Milky Way panorama to life is a beautiful idea, and I’m really impressed at how well krid7 was able to pull this off. All those fibres would have driven me bonkers! Krid7 has documented the process on Imgur to be sure to click here to see how the Fibre Optic Star Map was created. And the best part is, real star maps were used, meaning that thing is not only beautiful, but it’s also scientific, yo.

Have an Astro-geek craft of your own? I would love to see it – post in the comments!


August 27

DIY High-Voltage Thor’s Hammer – 80,000 Volt Mjölnir!

Caleb from Hackaday wanted to make his own Thor’s Hammer. But not just any Thor’s Hammer, oh no, Caleb’s version of Mjölnir contains a mini Tesla Coil that packs an 80,000 volt, lightning strike punch.

DIY High Voltage Thor's Hammer

Click the image above to see Caleb’s video that demonstrates what I’m talking about. The hammer is pretty big, but in a cool, over-sized kind of a way, and would make a great talking point at any convention. There’s also a good video where Caleb shows how he made both the hammer itself and his pretty effective version of Thor’s armour, which appears to have only taken a few hours. Check it out: DIY High Voltage Thor’s Hammer: How it was made.

June 4

DIY Constellation Scarf

Here’s one for all my fellow Astrogeeks! I LOVE this scarf. Love it. As an amateur astronomer anything with constellations send me giddy, and this is great because you can make your own scarf featuring your favourite constellations.

DIY Constellations Scarf

Check out the tutorial on A Beautful Mess to discover how to make your own using a scarf, some craft foam, and a bit of easy embroidery.

I’ve actually been thinking of doing something similar to this on some blinds, ever since I purchased the wonderful Dot to Dot tee from Threadless, but I reckon using this tutorial a lot more things in my life are soon going to be sporting astronomical designs pretty soon!

May 31

Darwin – Friday Treasury

darwin treasury

Charles Darwin was one of the most influential minds of the 19th Century. To celebrate his contribution to science, here is a collection of arts and crafts inspired by Darwin and his work. As usual, click on the picture to go to the treasury!