November 9

What To Do With All Those Candy Wrappers


Now that Halloween is (sadly) over, instead of throwing out all those candy wrappers, why not horde them and make something spectacular? Natalie on Doodlecraft has got you covered with this excellent photo tutorial on making your own Candy Wrapper Woven Purse. So snap out of that sugar coma, gather up those empty candy wrappers, and get crafting!

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October 19

Make Your Own Zombie Jewelry


Halloween isn’t far off, and if you are still in need of some spooky accessories, this tutorial from the DIY Maven on Curbly has got you covered. The DIY Maven takes you step by step through making your own zombie pin out of polymer clay.  Even if you’re new to polymer clay, you’ll find this tutorial easy to follow with it’s great pictures and clear instructions.

September 21

Join the Zompocalypse by Making Your Own Zombie Plushie!


I just spent the weekend selling my handmade goodies at TopCon, a small pop-culture convention in Topeka, KS. One of the guests, Mike Mundy, was a zombie on The Walking Dead, so there was a lot of zombies hanging around this weekend.  All those undead inspired me to share this great tutorial on making your own zombie plushie on the blog Heidi Boyd.  This tutorial offers more inspiration than actual techniques, but if you’re familiar with basic hand sewing skills, you’ll have no problem making your little Zombie Plushie friend to hunt down brains with.  You could even mix it up a bit and use different colored fleece, felt scraps, and embroidery floss.  The tutorial offers up a great, basic starting point for your imagination to take over.  Be sure to share your adventures in zombie making with us!

September 14

Make Your Own String Dolls!


I was hanging out with my best friend and her family, including two very rambunctious boys, and we were at a big toy store when my friend found this really fun looking kit for making string dolls.  But the kit was $20, and we both kinda cringed at the price and put the kit back on the shelf.

However, it got me thinking, somebody out on that world wide web has had to have posted a tutorial on how to make these super cute little guys! A quick Google search, and lo! It seems the most excellent Natalie over at Doodle Crafts has got this DIY covered!

Unlike a lot of tutorials I saw, she uses pipe cleaners and a wooden bead for the string dolls’ bodies.  Other tutorials used heavier gauge wire and bits of styrofoam (or nothing at all for the base of the head).  Natalie also uses regular old white glue to secure the string onto the base form, whereas other tutorials use super glue (or other heavier duty adhesives).  I haven’t tried making one yet, but I certainly plan to.  It seems to me it would be best to experiment with whatever materials you have on hand and see what works best for you when creating your new little string doll best friend!  I would guess that different materials would have different staying powers and durability.

Have you ever made one of these cute little guys? What materials did you use?! How did yours turn out!? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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September 7

Make Your Own Monstrously Cute Coin Purse!

Monstrously Cute Coin Purse

As Halloween inches closer, I’ve been on the lookout for cute monster crafts when I found a version of this little guy on Pinterest (you can find the original pin here on my Pinterest board!), but there was no tutorial attached.  So, I made one! You can find the full tutorial on my blog. I hope you all enjoy making this little guy.  Be sure to share your monstrously cute coin purses with us!

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August 31

Make Your Own Felt Sugar Skull Sachets


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the colorful and ornate look of sugar skulls. So when I saw this fun tutorial and pattern by Rachel on the blog Adventures in Making, I knew I needed to share it.  The tutorial has a downloadable template and step-by-step instructions, complete with plenty of pictures, so you can make your own lovely sugar skull sachet. There are even instructions on making your own sachet mix to go inside the felt sugar skull.  Wouldn’t this make a fun gift?

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