March 9

Somebody’s View Quilt

Somebody's View Quilt

This awesome quilt wall hanging was made by funthreads on craftster. I think it’s fantastic! I love space, and the colours used in this are beautiful! She describes in some detail how she made it, but not being a quilter myself, I don’t really understand, so I can’t comment on how detailed her instructions are! I adore the purple Saturn (or is it just a ringed planet?) and the rocks, and the glittery beads as stars… even the name of it, Somebody’s View, is perfect. Just imagine an alien sitting on a far planet looking at the purple Saturn. I would love to hang this on my wall!

December 10

Q is for quilt

Zelda detail

Claire Chambers is a craftser and blogster keeping track of a delightful effort on her blog Absolutely Small. She has been doing this thing that is so cute you guys…felt alphabet squares. If you go to her Flickr pages you can see the full effort of alphas,  but I selected the one below for our fair post. This princess is the namesake of my beloved puppy girl, and the ruling alpha female of our house, despite her 13 lb stature.  Much more geek where this came from though, especially J, R, T, W, X, Y, and of course… Z is for Zelda!

August 6

Harry Potter Quilt

So I post this with trepidation this week because it seems like one of those things that should have been posted on this blog a long time ago. I searched and haven’t seen it for a while, so boom:  here you go. I present to you this quilt. Festooned with all things Potter. Geekscore: 87; Craftscore: Infinity +1

The quilt was featured on the Flickr page of Jennifer Ofenstein, who can be found tumbling on and has several other geeky quilted items available on her Etsy store.

May 8

LHC Quilts

Flipping though Physics World magazine , I turned a page and caught my breath; there was the tiniest picture of the most beautiful quilt. I still, several hours later, cannot quite find words with which to explain how awe inspiring, how wondrous these quilts, made by Kate Findlay, are.

But what was a picture of Kate’s quilt doing in a physics magazine? Well, it turns out to be one of a series which she has made themed around the LHC. There are 20 quilts (so far) in the series, some inspired by particular particle detectors, and some inspired more generally by the science of supersymmetry, dark matter and particle physics. ‘Atom – Silver’ (pictured above) is based on the structure of Ag, while Atlas (below) is based on images of the ATLAS detector.

What initially caught Kate’s eye were the symmetry, repeating motifs, and colours present in CERN’s images, and I agree that quilting is a perfect medium to reflect those ideas – Kate’s mixed textures of silks, satins and sheers really capture the source material, the pieces feel modern,full of hope  and wonder. Kate also cites the vastly disparate scales that any physicist works with as a source of inspiration – and I for one can see how the juxtaposition between atoms and astronomy, and the interplay between the two, is a captivating concept.

The early pieces from the series incorporate wire, card, beads,and other mixed media to further play with texture, while the more recent pieces are traditional 3 layered beauties. Kate has experimented with screen printing and dyeing to personalise her fabrics, and of course this adds yet another dimension to the quilts.

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