June 13

Harry Potter House Points Necklace


Whether you’re Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, these necklaces will help you show off your house pride as you display all the points you have acquired during the year.  Ingulit created a tutorial for making your very own house points necklace on Instructables (you can find the tutorial here).  It looks relatively easy, and the result is super nifty.   You can make yourself a single necklace or go for the whole set.  (I say, go for the whole set!)


March 1

Friday Round-up: Rubik’s Cube Madness!

I am a collector of hobbies and lately I have gotten back into the Rubik’s Cube.  The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor and professor named Erno Rubik.  He was awesome.  He didn’t even realize he had made a puzzle until the first time he scrambled it and tried to get it back together.  It took him like 6 months, now the world record is 5.66 seconds.  My best time is somewhere just shy of 2 minutes, but I am getting better.  Enough about me, you are here for crafts so here we go!

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

This Rubik’s Cube tissue box by HandyHomeGrown on Etsy is made out of wood, making it far superior to a lot of the other Rubik’s Cube tissue boxes you can find out there because it probably smells pretty rustic.

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June 16

Spoilers, Sweetie

Spoilers SweetieThis is definitely a spoiler. . .  For you!  Thanks to Sara Montagnani, you can purchase this beautiful handmade charm of River Song’s Journal from her shop, Silly Love Crafts on Etsy.

This lovely reproduction of the journal is handcrafted from recycled materials.  Sara even used coffee to tint the pages of the journal.  The richness of the charm comes in the excellent details of the original diary.  The journal comes with it’s own silver chain as well.

June 2

Necklaces aren’t just for pendants anymore…

snapes memories charm necklace slytherin

While perusing the Net this morning, I came across this fantastic etsy shop.  1luckysoul has an wonderful collection of necklaces that can tempt the many obsessions of geeks and fandom!

Look at this piece called Snape’s Memoir. I think it’s my favorite. There are horcruxes, sorting hats, the Deathly Hallows trio, stacks of Hogwarts books, and then, there’s the Hunger Games collection. I’d have a hard time making a decision as to which ones to buy because I wouldn’t be able to stop at just one!

May 19

Just a little Link

Who isn’t addicted to the Legend of Zelda? It has worked its way into the ranks of Best Video Game Ever list. Link has slashed his way through countless enemies and into the hearts of many of us. While doing a bit of geeky research earlier today, I found an etsy shop that is sure to please any Zelda lover.

Grandma Thunderpants! has an amazing collection of poly clay creations including this Link necklace. Give her etsy shop a look for some incredible creations!

April 30

Pikachu Cross Stitch Necklace

Take a look at these cross stitch necklaces made by starrley which are featured on her Stitching blog, Stitching Shop. From the artist herself:

“This is a handmade, by me, Pikachu cross stitched necklace. It is on an 18″ black velvet cord. It is stitched on plastic canvas, so it is very durable. The back is covered in soft felt. Pikachu measures 2″ tall, from top of the ear to bottom of the head.
Cute, fun, and awesome! Take your adorable Pokemon everywhere you go.
Interested in having a different Pokemon on a necklace? Send me a message and we’ll make it happen.”