March 16

Q and A with Jewel Staite and a Kaylee craft

Kaylee Frye Shindig dress Cross Stitch

Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee Frye on “Firefly” and “Serenity” was in Kansas City for Planet Comicon this weekend, and a local movie theatre took advantage and showed “Serenity”, followed by a short Q&A with her. As Browncoats, my husband, daughter and I were pleased to attend.

The Q&A was fairly quick but interesting. Here are some highlights:

  • Jewel is apparently an “adventurous” foodie and has a food blog. She said while many in Hollywood “juice”, she does not: “I don’t juice. I steak.”
  • She has enjoyed all the food she’s had in Kansas City, saying that what she’s eaten has been “top notch”. She specifically mentioned Jack Stack BBQ and Genessee Royale.
  • She loves wine and enjoyed visiting Amigoni Urban Winery. She said if she wasn’t an actor, she’d probably be a winemaker. As much as she enjoys wine, however, she said Adam Baldwin is an even bigger “wine snob” than she is, but that’s ok, because he usually picks up the tab.
  • When she is at cons, she is often too busy to seek anyone out, but tries to make time to find cast members from “Lost“. She is a big “Lostie”; Matthew Fox is one of her TV crushes.
  • She hated wearing the ruffled dress in the episode, “Shindig” – it was just too cumbersome and hard to maneuver.
  • Someone asked if she kept any of the props from the “Firefly” set – she said Nathan Fillion took most of them and has his own “museum.” She also said Adam has the head of the “Hero of Canton” statue from the episode, “Jaynestown.”
  • Her favorite “Firefly” episodes were “Out of Gas” and “Objects in Space.”
  • She said Nathan frequently tried to prank her on set, such as putting lotion on the door handle of her dressing room.
  • She talks and texts with other “Firefly” cast members “all the time”: “I took away eight friendships.”
  • She has two dogs and loves animals.

To make this post geek-crafty, I found you a Kaylee-inspired craft: Kaylee in her Shindig Dress Cross Stitch Pattern (shown above, originally shared on Craftster – click to see other Firefly cross-stitch projects)

If you had attended the Q&A with Jewel, what question would you have asked?

November 2

Potatoes Diana

The next time you’re having a dinner party, how about serving Potatoes Diana, courtesy of The Kitchen Overlord.

potatoes diana


Doesn’t that look amazing?! I love the lasso!  Want to make it yourself? How could you not? You’re in luck. The recipe is found over on The Kitchen Overlord. They have tons of edible art for you to drool over. Think of the party you could throw! They even have vegan jerky crackers. You know you want it.  Be sure to come back and let me know how it was!

The Kitchen Overlord

April 23

Choose Wisely – A Harry Potter Game

choose wisely - a harry potter game

Don’t you ever wish Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans were a staple? While I’m probably not very fond of jelly beans tasting like bogey, it would certainly make munching on them very interesting.

Craftster-user patty_o_furniture agrees, so she created Choose Wisely. This intriguing game is inspired by Harry Potter and looks as if it’s made by the Weasley’s. They could certainly come up with a game in which you may or may not find the taste of earwax in your mouth! The variety of accessories and the box which the game resides looks absolutely stunning and captures the atmosphere of the magical world quite well. For more photographs and information, I direct you to patty_o_furniture’s post.

April 21

Superman Whoopie Pies

Superman Whoopie Pies
I admit that while I can cook and my family rarely starves, I’m not a big one on time-consuming recipes. If it has more than 5 ingredients or steps, I usually skip it. But if I were looking for a little culinary challenge, these Superman Whoopie Pies might be just the incentive I need! I can’t believe how great they turned out!

The tutorial links you to a traditional Whoopie Pie recipe, then walks you through how to pipe in the iconic “S”, and even a custom birthday message.

How about you? Do you love to cook/bake? Have you ever attempted any copycat kind of recipe that mimics a brand or restaurant’s version?

November 4

Killer Candy tutorial

Kryptonite Candy

OK, so this candy isn’t really “killer” – unless you’re Superman. It looks pretty cool, right? I love how it appears to glow, even in normal light.

I also love that the process is also a bit of a science experiment, because you use vitamin B2, which apparently has fluorescent properties.