September 21

A Magic-al Proposal

Magic proposal card by Lindsey Loree

How’s this for a meaningful – and dare I say magical? – proposal? Lindsey Loree, whom I found via Female Geek Bloggers on G+, crafted this custom Magic: The Gathering card to propose to her boyfriend during a gaming session.

She blogged about the whole experience, from deviously learning to play Magic better so it wouldn’t be weird that she asked him to play with her, on through the process for crafting the card, to the actual game-proposal. Magical, indeed!

Any other geeky proposal stories out there?

December 28

Geek Love


I celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Bronze is the traditional 8 year anniversary gift, which made me think about Steam Punk weddings, chemistry themed weddings, robot weddings, etc.  I still am hooked on looking at wedding ideas, and here are a few I think I would use if I were to get married again, (to the same guy, of course.)

For the robot love, check out this amazing robot cake topper, from Etsy shop buildersstudio . We have one on our mantel, and I love seeing it everyday.


Who needs a rose, when you could adorn your lapel with a Lego man. Check out these cool Lego boutineers from off beat bride.





Check out these awesome robot wedding shoes also from Off Beat Bride.







And if you’re more into games than robots or Legos, check out this board game wedding cake. (that I made for my friends Deb and Brad.)



February 25

Hand-Made Wiz-War Board Game

Wiz War boardI’ve long admired folks with the skill and patience to make their own scenery for table-top games, though I’ve never had the chance to play with someone with the space or time to go the whole nine yards.

I first saw this incredible Wiz-War board game a few years ago. Don’t be fooled by the professional look of the scenery; it wasn’t manufactured in a factory. This is a hand-made labor of love constructed by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture, a mom-and-pop operation run by Bruce and Joanne Hirst.

Not only do they create and sell molds for crafty gamers to make their own scenery, they have detailed tutorials (including videos) on how to use their molds to make impressive sets. It’s like Legos, taken to the next level!

The Wiz-War board stood out to me because the original game, as packaged, is all cardboard tiles and pieces. To see it blown up in beautiful 3-D detail is amazing, and makes me wish I had the space in my wee apartment to house such an impressive board.