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July 26

DIY Geek Wedding: Comic Book Bouquet

Comic book wedding bouquet by Amber Lackey

Talk about sisterly love! For her sister’s wedding recently, Amber Lackey of Sissy La-La created unique bouquets using comic book pages.

She cut each comic book page down to two 4×4″ squares and folded them into petals, using five squares to make each flower. The bride’s bouquet featured more than 300 petals and measured about 12-1/2″ across. It took about 150 pages and 14 hours to make. She went on to make two more bouquets.

three comic book wedding bouquets by Amber Lackey

Amber also created a garter using Marvel fabric:

Marvel fabric garter by Amber Lackey

Did you have any geek elements in your wedding, or have you seen some fun references in weddings you’ve attended? Please share in the comments!

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July 22

Superman Saves the Wedding (cake)

Superman saves Lois from a falling wedding cake

Leave it to Pinterest to offer up a link to some luscious geekery – a unique take on a Superman wedding cake.

Not content to just offer a groom’s cake with a giant “S” emblazoned upon it, this geeky couple asked their baker to create a cake that looked like it was falling apart, with Superman swooping in to save Lois from the falling tier. Apparently the broken cake tier looked so real the DJ at the wedding had to keep announcing the cake was *supposed* to look like that. Well played, cake decorator!

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April 8

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

A plethora of crafts and products have been inspired by the upcoming royal wedding of Will and Kate, but none so epic as Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, a book containing knitting patterns for not just Prince William and Kate Middleton, but members of the royal family as well.  The book even comes with a fold out of Westminster Abbey for you to stage your own wooly royal wedding.

This book is so amusingly epic I might just have to pick up a copy.

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March 5

Scrabble Wedding Cake

Weddings are supposed to be all about the bride and groom, right? Well, if the bride and groom are total word-nerds then this awesome Scrabble Wedding Cake from Pink Cake Box is the most awesome cake around. Mrs. Hummingbird posted this, with a load of other Scrabulous wedding ideas at Weddingbee, and I’ll be honest, I am a bit inspired.

I love the freedom that comes with the modern wedding, a friend of mine had a little Dalek bride and groom hanging out on one of the tiers of his wedding cake, and other geek-themed weddings are popping up all over in pictures on the web.

The great thing is, even if wedding bells aren’t ringing in your near future, you can use the ideas at Weddingbee‘s Scrabble page to throw the best Scrabble themed party anyone has ever seen!