April 4

Find Your Path to This Goblin Amigurumi

crochet Pathfinder goblin by Amanda Mickelson

My son has played a wide variety of games over the years, but one that keeps showing up on his birthday and Christmas wishlists is Pathfinder. He almost always has some miniatures or modules he’s been eyeing. I may just have to surprise him with one of these Pathfinder goblin amigurumi.

Amanda at Xanthestar Customs has come up with a clever crochet doll version that can be cute, or add angry eyebrows and wide felt chompers for a more creepy, menacing look (as depicted above).

Are you a tabletop RPG’er? What character would you recreate in craft form? Let us know in the comments!

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February 28

DIY RPG Dice Earrings

dice earrings by Amy Ratcliffe

Roll 20 for charisma with these role-playing game dice earrings designed by Amy Ratcliffe – she’s written up a quick 5-step tutorial that make you the hit of your next campaign!

It would also be easy enough to adapt the tutorial to make a keychain, should you (or your gift recipient) not be the earring-wearing type.

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July 13

Roll for DIY with This Gaming Tabletop

Gaming Tabletop by KristyGD

From video to card to board, we have several gaming favorites at our house. Of the card and board variety, my kids enjoy Magic the Gathering, Munchkin and Settlers of Catan. Which makes me think this DIY gaming tabletop might be a big hit.

Kristy GD at Please Excuse My Craftermath has created a DIY gaming tabletop that is actually an IKEA hack project, sits atop her existing dining room table, and stores away as a decorative accent between gaming sessions. Talk about multi-purpose! Her blog post walks you through her process for creating the functional and portable tabletop.

With which games would you use this tabletop at your house?

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February 9

Super-size Your D20

Giant Metallic D20

For Valentine’s Day, some people dream of getting a sparkly, shiny something. Here’s a geeky version – a giant metallic d20 (20-sided die, for the role-playing game un-initiated).

Kat and Cam at Our Nerd Home have rolled up a quick tutorial for you on how to make your own d20 using a piece of ~20″x20″ cardboard (I love how they used cardboard from a Lord of the Rings set of Legos they just happened to have laying around!)

My son’s 20th birthday is this week, so this could be just about the perfect present for me to make for him.

In the post, Kat/Cam mention that they left the numbers off the die to make it a more subtle decor item. If you make this, will you add numbers, or no?

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June 11

Smell Paladin fresh all day with RPG Class Scented Oils

rpg class scented oils

I’m not sure if I’m alone in thinking of fragrance making as a craft here, so I’m going out on a limb by blogging about RPG Class scented oils. My undergrad major was in chemistry and I have an enormous appreciation for the art and science that is fragrance-making. As a fragrance geek and fragrance snob, I confess that  I have not yet had the privileged of trying any of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs’ strange and often geeky brews, thought I have long wanted to as I’ve heard so many great things about this company. 

Thanks to a ThinkGeek gift certificate from the thoughtful gentleman I’ve coached this past year,  that is going to have to change now that BPAL got their RPG Class offerings.  The Paladin comes as an “Immaculate white musk, sweet frankincense, bourbon vanilla, white leather, and shining armor.” The dreamy cleric is, “Rose amber, frankincense, myrrh, champaca flower, Peru balsam, cistus, palisander, cananga, hyssop, and narcissus absolute.” Both fragrances sound better than my usual class preference for the Mage but whatever, I’m getting them all so I don’t have to pick. I did laugh, however, at one of the commenter statements about smelling like a Mage:

“Not sure about that mage scent. Kind of imagined mine smelling of smoke, burning wood & charred flesh.”

Good point, Mr. Johns.  At any rate, I will refrain from wearing them all at once.