September 7

Finding Fellow Female Geek Bloggers

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Have you played around with Google+ yet? I’m not as active on there as I am on other networks, but I am a member of a few Communities. Communities are similar to Facebook Groups or website forums, where like-minded people gather to share resources and chat about whatever they’re interested in. One G+ Community I particularly enjoy is Female Geek Bloggers, moderated by Bree Brouer and The Nerdy Girlie.

With 300+¬†members, there are a wide variety topics discussed, including Doctor Who, cosplay, comics, movies, anime, gaming (both video and board), and even “geek therapy.” I really enjoy the breadth of discussions, and have been exposed to topics and people I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon. I also love the sense of community there – all of us interested in geeky things, supporting blogging and sometimes marketing efforts of other geeky females.

Quite a few of the members are also crafters, so I get to see plenty of interesting geekcrafts. A few projects that have been shared in the Community:

Who are some of your favorite female geek bloggers to follow?


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