April 2

Logan For Your Halloween Haunt


Jim Jokisch had a project that became an Imgur sensation pretty much immediately: a Wolverine Adamantium skeleton prop replica.

I think this is fantastic! And I would imagine this would be fairly easy to replicate: start with a quality skeleton, prime and paint it with some good metallic paint, add a dogtag and figure out some blades. The priming and painting would take the longest. I’m not sure how I would do the blades. Maybe six matching knife blade with the handles removed, but that would make them dangerous. Maybe find someone who can cut some metal.

Either way, this is an awesome decoration!

September 26

Make Your Own Halloween Skeleton Fairies

diy skeleton fairy

Here’s a tutorial for creating a Halloween decoration that’s really different and unique! Better yet, the materials are super cheap.  The skeleton is from the Dollar Tree (and comes in a pack of 4!), and the butterfly wings are from a craft store.   The only other materials you need are things you probably already have: some black paint (for aging the bones a little and darkening the eye sockets), scissors, and a hot glue gun.   I’m thinking I might need an army of these little guys . . . .

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October 21

Donnie Darko Stenciled Skelesuit

Donnie Darko Stenciled SkelesuitSo I wasn’t going to start posting again until the fabulous, coming soon redesign was ready, but then I thought about all the cool, geeky Halloween costumes that are being posted and decided I should go ahead and post. So I give you… a Donnie Darko stenciled skelesuit from Craftster user shesxautomatic.

Look for some important Geek Crafts announcements in the next few days.

– Shayne