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November 23

Amazingly Intricate Papercraft Microbes


Yes, that image above is PAPER. Artist Rogan Brown specializes in paper sculptures that explore (in his words) “patterns and motifs in the natural world.” And you must check out his portfolio, because the pieces are incredibly intricate, detailed, and breathtakingly beautiful.  You can see up-close, detailed photos of the above piece on (where I found the image above), but definitely check out his portfolio to get a sense of the breadth of this artist’s work too.  I can hardly believe it’s paper.  What do you think about the unusual medium and subject matter? Let us know in the comments!

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August 19

Papercraft Minecraft Torch – Pin of the Week

minecraft torch papercraft

I really like the idea of this DIY Minecraft torch. It looks super easy to make, not too expensive, and it would look great to have them dotted around the place for a Minecraft themed party, or even just as part of your everyday décor! There are full instructions of how to make your own papercraft torch, as well as a template to print your own. Happy Mining! :)


Edited to add the original source of the pictures here and the design here.

March 30

A Papercraft Millenium Falcon That Will Blow Your Mind


It might look like computer graphics, but no.  This is made from paper–well, 99% of it.  The artist, Bernard Szukiel, says it took him 4 years to build this 38″ long model using photos he found on the internet, fiber optic lights, and LEDs.  For more AMAZING photos of this incredible model, you’ve got to check out his gallery!

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October 5

Lamborghini Aventador A-E2: The Ultimate Papercraft Supercar

Taras Lesko of Visual Spicer, posted a YouTube video of his latest creation: an 8ft (244cm) long Lamborghini Aventador A-E2 papercraft model. His Lambo was completed earlier this year.

“The idea was to build a near-life-size replica of my Aventador Interceptor model, but small enough that I could get it out of my house. After proposing the idea to my wife, she dared me to it and the challenge was on!”


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May 23

Avengers Magic Puzzle Cube Papercraft

Avengers Papercraft Magic Puzzle Cube

Did you ever have one of those cool magic cube puzzles when you were a kid? The sort that you could kind of turn inside-out? I picked one up at a Science museum this weekend with solar system facts on it, and it got me thinking I’d quite like to make one of my own.

A quick Google later and I’d stumbled upon a pattern for making a papercraft version. So, as with most things, I decided to take the pattern and “geek it up” to create an Avengers Magic Puzzle Cube.

This cube features Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Agent Hill, Dr. Selvig, Loki and the Avengers logo. Yep – 12 images on one cube. Well, it is magic. Here’s a quick vid of it in action, in case you still don’t know what I’m talking about.

Want to make your own? I’ve uploaded the pattern I used especially for you guys. There aren’t any instructions, you just need to remember that each strip makes two adjoining cubes, and the labelled tabs then connect them all together.

March 17

Life-Sized Papercraft Zelda

zelda_life_size_papercraft_2_by_minidelirium-d5x1ptd-e1362692038410Zelda’s come along just in time to make sure your life size cardboard Iron Man doesn’t get lonely!

“Minidelerium, a Swedish papercraft hobbyist, made this kickass Zelda figure in 126 hours, which is three weeks of working 8-5, Monday through Friday. (She then gave Zelda away, which seems so sad.).” But never fear…if you need your own life size Zelda and want to take a crack at it, it looks like you can get Minidelerium’s template from Paper’s Juke.

You can see more of Minidelerium’s work over at Deviant Art. “I build papercrafts to keep myself occupied, relax and keep my fingers nimble. all my papercrafts up until Midna has been with 80g/m paper, so I’d say I’m pretty good at this by now. ^_^ however, I’ve now started to work with thicker paper and I’m loving it! it’s so sturdy and easy with the thicker paper. I wouldn’t recommend thin paper if you want good and durable results. it buckles too easy.”