February 8

I Love Lamp

ohiodiygirl, from oddly enough, Columbus, OH, posted a lamp she recently made, over at Craftster.


She came across this lamp at a thrift store a few years ago and decided what it needed to be: the Mayor from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The lamp shade is painted one both sides so you can change his face. The hat is built out of cardboard and covered in fabric.

This could be a super quick project with almost any of the characters from TNBC. I’m thinking a Jack Skellington lamp might be a great housewarming gift for a friend that’s getting ready to move.

April 27

Handmade Sally From “The Nightmare Before Christmas”


Hannah081986, a poster over at Craftster, recently uploaded some pictures of the Sally doll from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that she recently made.

“Sally is complete. Jack finally has a partner. She was fun to make. She stands about 18 inches tall. Her dress is made from felt pieces, and she is hand painted. What do you think? Smiley The movie is very dull colored, so she make look a bit bright but it gives her personality haha <3 She and Jack were made for my niece, she is IN LOVE with Nightmare before Christmas, so, naturally, I had to make them for her.”


For anyone interested in their own Sally doll, there is a free pattern on Ravelry for a crocheted version of a patchwork doll, courtesy of Irene Strange. While the Ravelry version isn’t named for Sally, take a look at her and decide for yourself.

March 26

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Balls

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Balls

Geek-a-Bites author Nikki is a freelance illustrator from Austin, Texas. She gladly combines her love for pastry and pop culture. On her blog, you can find photographs of mouthwatering cookies, cake balls and fondant figures inspired by games, series and childhood classics.

Although I’d love to show every scrumptious craft she has created, I’m just going to feature the most recent one, a collection of Nightmare Before Christmas cake balls that Nikki submitted herself. Cake balls are a sort of oversized pop cakes without sticks, coated with chocolate, fondant or icing and often decorated. Yes, I never keep up with the baking trends either!

The balls look awfully detailed. They’d be perfect for a Halloween party or a birthday in my darker, teenage years. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the tiny hills with the pumpkin patch and crescent moon are surely adorable!

October 28

No Lie, This Cake is a Nightmare

Perfect for Halloween this week, perhaps you’d like to whip up a Nightmare Before Christmas cake to enjoy. All it takes is some super-major cake ninja painting skills – surely you have those up your sleeve just, right?

I like how she includes all the different steps for creating and painting the fondant – I always wondered how the bakeries did that! I had no idea cake painting pens were a thing!

(P.S. Did you see what I did with the title of this post? “The Cake is a Lie” refers to what video game?)

October 8

Everybody scream!

Nightmare Before Christmas shoes

It’s certainly showing my age to say that I remember the ads coming out during the September and October of my senior year of high school for The Nightmare Before Christmas and being so. very. excited.  I don’t recall a time before or since that I so eagerly anticipated a movie and had it live up to my exceptions so completely.

Obviously, lots of time has passed since then. Burton decided to make that horrible adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (>>shudder!<<) BUT… he’s got another movie (Frankenweenie) coming out this weekend and it is claymation and I’m going to give it a chance because it looks adorable and creepy and everything else I love about this time of year.

As an homage, I decided to post these really cute painted shoes, featuring the only lovable 2-faced politician and Jack and Sally during a moment of romance.

Check out Tracy Pierce’s page on Etsy to see more angles. Look out for Oogy Boogy!