September 6

Level up with a GamerGhan!

GamerGhan by Alicia1018

I’ve featured some geektastic afghans here on GeekCrafts, such as Lattes & Llamas Geek-a-Longs (2014 and 2015), as well as a Settlers of Catan blanket. On Ravelry recently I stumbled across this beauty by Alicia1018, which she aptly calls her GamerGhan.

Twenty-five crochet squares pay homage to a variety of video games, including Tetris, Minecraft, Angry Birds, Harvest Moon, Pac-Man, World of Warcraft, and Oblivion. Alicia very kindly uploaded patterns for all of the squares – you can find them linked in her Ravelry project post.

What video games would you include in blanket form? Let us know in the comments below!

Links of Interest:

June 1

Tetris Bookshelves

tetris bookcase

I would absolutely love to have this set of Tetris bookshelves in my living room! Or my bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, for that matter! They are so awesome! And the best bit is that each Tetris piece is separate, so you can arrange them however you’d like! It was made by johloh on Craftster, and I definitely think he should go into business making more!


March 5

A Magnetic Attraction

tetris heart

Do you know the feeling of standing in front of the fridge and just not knowing what to make for dinner? I certainly do! This colorful set of heart-shaped cross-stitched Tetris magnets will surely give you something to puzzle with in these moments of despair. Kirsty Willis sells them on her UK-based Etsy store, together with other cross-stitching work, embroidery and patchwork.

January 31

High Scoring Mum-Make

This picture was emailed to be by Alea, who’s mom made these oven cloths. Pretty awesome, right? I’ll let Alea explain in her own words;

Basically I just asked her if she could crochet stuff like that and she said she’ll give it a try. Took her about a year to find the time to do it, but for me it was worth waiting. The funny thing is that although the Game Boys we used to have belonged to me and my sister, my Mom was the one playing Tetris all the time and setting the highest records.

Well Alea’s mom doesn’t have a blog, or an Etsy or even a flicker account, so I’m afraid for now this pic is all your getting (but if we all gang up I’m sure we can persuade her to show off her brilliantness a bit more). In the mean time, I’m jealous because my mum can’t crochet OR play Tetris….

January 16

Tetris Table

Today I want to show you this amazing Tetris Side Table made by Annahowardshaw from Instructables.

The whole table is made from scratch and we are given the complete tutorial so you can create your own piece of retro geek furniture. The Tetris pieces are made from wooden cubes stuck together, sanded and painted. They are then glued on to the table after arranging them carefully.

May 13

Tetris Friday Roundup

This week I present to you the finest Tetris crafts I could find on Etsy!

First up is this totally awesome cameo style necklace from lsybb.


Next we have rustic feeling wooden Tetris magnets from Nomad Imps:


Get nerdy clean with Tetris soap by servas gschaeft:



Get your dad a super nerdy Tetris tie clip for Father’s Day from Geekopolis:


Maybe Dad is more of a tie tack kind of person. Pixel Party has you covered:


An awesome twist on the traditional charm bracelet by Nerdy Little Secret:


Is your fridge lacking colour? These magnets from Homespun Crafting will help:


Who doesn’t love stamping stuff? Tetris stamps from Something a Week:


Check out this grown up Tetris keychain from Twiki Concept:



Have gauged ears? BMA Modified makes Tetris plugs!



Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup! Be sure to check back next Friday for even more geeky fun!