March 6

Step into the Future (or Past) with Doctor Who Stepping Stones

DIY Doctor Who Stepping Stones by Our Nerd Home

When traveling through all of time and space, it helps to have a path. Pave the way with these DIY Doctor Who Stepping Stones, thanks to Our Nerd Home.

One of many geektastic tutorials on their site, the Stepping Stones how-t0 (ahem) steps you through the whole process from pro tips for mixing up the Quikrete, to the Gallifreyan translator app they used.

For their project, they of course chose to spell out, “Our” “Nerd” “Home” + “Geek,” but with a translator, you could make your stones spell out whatever you like. What would you spell with your stones? Share with us in a comment below!

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March 6

With Realistic Moving Joints hope your parents kept a bag of all your old toys in the attic, because you’re about to want ’em back…

Ryan McElhinney claims to be an interior designer, but it’s pretty obvious that that’s a lie. The guy is a geek-crafter, through and through. He makes these awesome lamps by sticking action figures together and painting them – teamed with a simple shade they look brilliant. If you live in London you can see them live in the pubs Ryan has decorated; maybe you’ll bump into Elton John while you’re their – Ryan is rumoured to have designed the topper for his wedding cake (that’s gotta look awesome on his CV).

What are you doing still reading? It’s spring(ish) – there are car boot sales to raid – GO!

February 7

A S’Minchin of Miraculous Matilda

Matilda is one of the quintessential geek kid’s books; the story of a nerd girl who uses her brain to bring a pinch of justice to the world is bound to resonate with swots of all ages. A couple of years ago I managed to get myself to Stratford ‘pon Avon to see the RSC’s christmas musical version of the book and was completely blown away by it – one of those performances that remind me why I work in theatre. Anyway, since then the production has transferred to the West End, won a load of awards and caused a considerable dent in my finances from ticket purchasing.

Laura, or LollyPolly as she is known over at the Minchin fan forums (the music for Matilda was written by our very own rock nerd Tim, who of course did a fantastic job with Dahl’s dark comedy), made this brilliant cushion commemorating the show’s opening song – which echoes the prologue to the book in that we get to hear about how miraculous all the children except Matilda are. It’s a fantastic example of how effective even simple embroidery can be if the colours, fabric and design are well chosen. With any luck Laura will now have caught the needlework bug and will go on dazzling us with her work in future.

Matilda the musical official site

Angry (Feet) – Tim Minchin’s fan forum

January 31

High Scoring Mum-Make

This picture was emailed to be by Alea, who’s mom made these oven cloths. Pretty awesome, right? I’ll let Alea explain in her own words;

Basically I just asked her if she could crochet stuff like that and she said she’ll give it a try. Took her about a year to find the time to do it, but for me it was worth waiting. The funny thing is that although the Game Boys we used to have belonged to me and my sister, my Mom was the one playing Tetris all the time and setting the highest records.

Well Alea’s mom doesn’t have a blog, or an Etsy or even a flicker account, so I’m afraid for now this pic is all your getting (but if we all gang up I’m sure we can persuade her to show off her brilliantness a bit more). In the mean time, I’m jealous because my mum can’t crochet OR play Tetris….