March 8

Submit a geek craft

We love receiving geeky goodness from our readers (you!) Every so often we encounter questions about how we handle submissions, so we thought we would put up a little FAQ section regarding submissions. Here it is:

1. How do I submit a great geeky craft?

Fill out the form below completely.



2. What if the craft I want to submit isn’t on a website?

It is a little complicated for us to post a craft that has no web presence. If you do not have a blog or other site where your craft is featured, it can be on a Flickr stream, Tumblr (or other blog) account, or even a message board! Basically, we need a picture to display it on our site! Just make sure we have somewhere to link it back to you so you can get the awesome credit you deserve.

3. What if the craft I want to submit isn’t mine?

That’s great, too! Just make sure we know who it belongs to and where to find it.

4. How do you pick which submissions to use?

We do not run submissions like a “request line,” so submitting more than once, or having friends submit the same craft for you won’t help (and yes, we do notice!) Actually, it clogs up our system and makes it more difficult to get to all the submissions, so please don’t do this!  When deciding which submission to use, it is usually a case of what the particular writer is “in the mood for” or what feels exciting that day. If you don’t see your submission up there, don’t despair, and don’t let it keep you from submitting other awesome crafts.

Submit a geek craft to us by filling out the form below. If it’s geeky enough and cool enough we’ll feature it on the site (and credit you for submitting it)!