June 22

Michonne and Her Pet

It’s no surprise that I am a fan of the poppets that SpeakGeekandEnter makes. This is now the third (or maybe fourth, I’ve lost track) poppet of her’s that I’ve posted here.


“The amazing Poppet-making Goddess Lanikins graciously agreed to do a swap with lil ol’ me, and this was what I came up with for her. We gave each other a list of characters we love and would like to see plushified/poppetfied and on her list two things caught my eye; Michonne (from The Walking Dead) and ZOMBIES. A perfect combination,” SGAE wrote about this set of poppets.


“Her hair is yarn and took foreverrrr to arrive, but it was worth the wait, I think. Each strand has been individually sewn into her head, and I kind of cheated and her bandana is sewn into her head, too.”


“His face. O__O I had no idea on how I was going to pull off the “no lower jaw” look. I did some test with trying to make a plush with half a face, which all turned out as truly spectacular fails, haha. I ended up painting it to (hopefully) give some kind of illusion of him missing his jaw.”

SGAE does have an Etsy shop, in case you’re interested in having a poppet of your very own.

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