January 21

Domesticated Geek!

As much as we all LOVE to feed our geeky side, we all have to face the inevitable. The house has to be cleaned. The meals have to be cooked and laundry has to be folded.

HauteMess has the perfect pairing to help us all maintain our Geek while we do the domestic duties. Check out her R2D2 apron! While we would all love to have our own little bot to do all of these chores for us, we can wear this apron while we become our own domestic Force.

 Also take a look at her other apron creations, Wonderwoman, Darth Vader and Harry Potter!

Star Wars R2D2 apron costume by HauteMessThreads on Etsy.

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Posted January 21, 2012 by TroubleT in category "Geek