January 1

Ouija Cheese Box


Mandykaye of Michigan recently posted the Ouija Cheese Box she made as a gift for her sister-in-law. Mandykaye got her hands on some wooden cheese boxes from a local cheese shop for $3 each. She immediately had this project in mind when she saw them.

Her sister-in-law likes scrap-booking and taking photos, and you can never have enough good storage for your supplies, so she created this ouija board/box for her. She burned all the lettering. After stenciling and burning the letters, numbers, etc., she took a torch and burned around the edges of the top. She then applied some polyurethane clear coat finish. For the bottom part, Mandykaye blended some brown and bright blue acrylic paints to give sort of an antique patina to it, and then clear-coated that as well.

For the inside, she left it bare, with a bit of upholstery material to the bottom. With the humidity we get in Michigan, she didn’t want anything that could be sticky inside since her sister-in-law will most likely have photos and papers stored in there.


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