March 12

Screen Printing at Home

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fairly easy and fun craft with plenty of geek potential. Most of the equipment needed to screen print can be found quite easily from craft supply shops and the staff in these shops should be able to point you in the right direction for the correct inks and mesh screens.

By following the steps in the above graphic supplied by British personlised hoodie and t-shirt manufacturer Banana Moon Clothing, you should be able to get some fairly simple designs printed onto plain t-shirts quite quickly. More complex designs with layered colours can be achieved by waiting for your first print to dry then repeating the process on top of your dry print with a different colour of ink. Superhero/super-villain logos are probably the quickest, most satisfying and easiest designs for novices. All the designs below can be easily drawn and cut-out.

superhero tshirts

Have fun, get creative and let us see your results!

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