April 17

TMBG Finger Puppets

TMBG Finger Puppets

A little something special from me this week. I’m going to see They Might Be Giants in concert in a few weeks time and I’m pretty excited. Since They came out last, eleven years ago, I’ve had three kids, who are big fans just like their mother. Meaning the three kids dvds (Here Come the ABCsHere Come the 123s, and Here Comes Science) get a lot of air time in our household.

In the first two dvds, John and John appear to introduce the song segments in the guise of puppets. Large puppets. But it seemed to me, these would make great tiny puppets too. Tiny finger puppets. So I made some. And because I’m so generous, I wrote down the pattern, to share here, exclusively, so you can have your own tiny Johns too! Keep reading after the jump for the pattern!

They Might Be Giants finger puppets by moonwyrm

With black:
6sc in magic circle
inc around (12)
with yellow:
in BLO, sc around (12)
in both loops, sc around for 6 rows (72)
with green:
sc around for 10 rows (120)
or until happy with length.

Embroider eyes, hair, glasses and a straight line for the mouth with black yarn or embroidery floss.

To make jogless stripes, start final black sc as usual (insert hook, yarn over, draw up a loop) but then complete the stitch with yellow (yarn over, pull through both loops. Then do the 12 BLO sc in yellow.

Instead of starting the first  both loops yellow round in spirals, ss into the first yellow sc, chain 1, and then sc around in spirals like normal amigurumi. You might need to be careful at the end of that first round to ensure you still end up with 12 sc around.

Do the same when switching from yellow to green.

This combination of joined rounds and spirals on the colour change row, will give you the straight lines of joined rounds, but the smooth construction of spiral amigurumi.

Normally, at this point in the post I’d link to a place the item is for sale, or the page with the pattern, and give you a link to similar items on Geek Crafts. But, as this is an exclusive pattern, not for sale anywhere, and also the first They Might Be Giants craft on this site, I can’t do any of that, so instead I’ll leave you with a link to my crochet page on Facebook. If you make this pattern, please share a picture on my wall – I’d love to see the Johns out in the wild!

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