January 1

Crochet Lego Baby Blanket

As I recently finished up a knitting project – a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf for a friend – I was surfing around looking for my next project. The Internets did not disappoint.

Andrea Baker of All Things Bright & Beautiful recently posted this awesome crochet Lego baby blanket that looks so do-able. I immediately pinned it to my “G33k” Pinterest board.

Lego baby blanket

The bobble stitch is fairly common on afghans, but I love how it mimics a Lego for a subtly geeky look.  Plus, this “set” of Legos would be so much more pleasant to step on in the dark.

Normally I tend to stay away from motif afghan projects because I find stitching all the pieces together to be a tedious chore. But I might be willing to overlook that for this project. In her blog post, Andrea mentions that she plans to write up the pattern she created and share it! I’ll be watching for that one! I wonder if my son might be interested in displaying this on his college dorm bed?

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