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December 14

Game of Thrones craft: Iron Throne Phone Holder

DIY Game of Thrones Iron Throne phone holder

Is a new mobile phone on your holiday wish list? Then you might want to prepare a place to hold it. This mini Iron Throne phone holder is a clever use of materials – and no scheming, conniving or murdering required to claim it!

Susie posted a tutorial over at Cut Out + Keep that incorporates foam, coffee stirrers, cocktail swords, polymer clay, and acrylic paint. Her design even features a hole in the front to thread a charger into so you can use it as a docking station.

I love her idea to use the cocktail swords – they look great with the metallic paint job!

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August 27

DIY: Minion Phone Cozy

DIY: Minion Phone Cozy

Want to protect your precious phone and add something cute to your pocket as well? Why not follow Katie’s tutorial and make a phone cozy shaped like a minion? For this craft, you only need some felt and a sewing machine. Super easy!

Katie’s website, punk projects, is really amazing. She regularly posts interesting how-to’s and pictures of her own crafts. In fact, punk project has been featured a few times before on Geek Crafts!

January 19

Metroid Cross-Stitch iPhone Case

Hi, everyone! Today I’m in the mood to show off, a little. My husband’s a major Metroid fan, having played pretty much every Metroid game out there and even found a Metroid-themed drink, in the past. So when he joined the dark side got an iPhone, and I offered to cross-stitch him a case, I should probably have expected that he’d want an 8-bit Samus.

I basically copied the Samus Aran cross stitch from Azay’s Video Game CraftHaven. I admit: it’s a lot harder copying a finished piece than working from a pattern, for some reason. Which is to say, yes, anyone looking super closely will notice that I got a pixel flipped, but, uh, just don’t tell my husband, eh? ;)

Here are a couple of other Metroid-themed crafts from the past:

January 19

Rotary iPhone

Rotary iPhoneWhile looking for camera cases, I stumbled upon hine’s shop on Etsy.  Not only are the camera camera cases awesomely adorable, but the rotary iPhone cases really caught my eye.  Remember old rotary phones?!  I do.  They were a pain to dial, made a whole bunch of noise, and just the handset was 10x bigger than my phone now… but this hand stitched iPhone case sure makes me slightly nostalgic for those old clunkers!   Now I anxiously await more of her Etsy postings so I can have one of my very own :)

Rotary iPhone

hine on Etsy

hine on flickr

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