December 3

Have a Merry Geeky Christmas

Well, I can hardly believe it’s December already (so many presents to finish!), but ’tis the season for Christmas trees and ornaments. Luckily for you all, I have found the perfect way to geek up your home for the holidays! These would make great gifts for fellow nerds, or keep them for yourself!

First up, for all of the Captain America fans, make sure your tree is appropriately patriotic with this lovely felt tree skirt! Crafted by the great folks over at With Our Powers Combined, they took a Dollar Store tree skirt and turned it into the Captain America shield. It’s amazing what you can do with creativity and a few yards of felt.

Captain America tree skirt

Next, for all you Potterheads out there, adorn your tree with the Golden Snitch! Made by Gabrielle from Tiny Apartment Crafts, this Snitch is made from a gold ornament, some acrylic paint, and some glittery wings crafted from wire and tissue paper. Beautiful and shiny, it’s a perfect addition to any tree!

Golden Snitch ornament

Every time a Snitch gets its wings, Gryffindor wins!

Well, no matter what day you celebrate, here’s wishing everyone a great holiday season!

November 1

Winter is Coming Knit a Scarf

I know, I know, that’s getting really old really fast. But I mean it this time. Knit a scarf that says “Winter is Coming”  Really, Captain- Rachel modified the original pattern so it can be double knit and legible on both sides.  She has charted it out so you can make yourself a nice warm scarf for this coming winter.  And send out the warning before the ice zombies show up.


I have a love of double knit scarves that are truly reversible, so this really makes me happy. I have a double knit scarf on the needles but, who can’t do with more scarves?



September 8

Miniature Lord of the Rings Bag End

Miniature Bag End from Lord of the Rings

Thanks to Pinterest, I recently stumbled across the most incredibly detailed miniature Bag End from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Maddie Chambers-Brindley made it for some college coursework on “the importance of play.” She drew upon her experience making Warhammer miniature scenery and models to create the Bag End model.

Interior of Bag End from Lord of the Rings

Check out the level of detail – the top of the “hill” comes off to reveal the interior, and inside there’s a fire in the fireplace, a miniature area rug, hand-tiled floors, portraits of Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins, the Baggins family tree, and a wee vegetable garden outside.

In this post Maddie talks about her creative process.

Have you ever worked with miniatures? What fantastical world would you like to take on to recreate in mini-form?

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August 10

Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who With StoryBundle ebooks


Over on StoryBundle right now and for the next 10 days, you can pick up a sweet unofficial plethora of Doctor Who ebooks. StoryBundle is a pay what you want, DRM-free place for fantastic deals. Right now there’s Dalek I Loved You, Dining with the Doctor, Who and Me, and TARDIS Eruditorium Vol 2. If you pay at least $10 you get 2 bonus books, VWORP and The Best of the TARDIS Eruditorium. If your digital library is lacking in geekiness or you’re just looking to expand, this is the deal for you!