July 4

A Little Bit of Summertime Cosplay

I love the amount of work and care that goes into a good cosplayer’s costume, even more so when it’s genderbending the original character. There’s a lot of stuff to be taken into consideration when you’re turning Tonto, for example, into a female.


“Baker Jenny Rae of Lil Rae Cupcakes is a huge Johnny Depp fan who has an impressive collection of handmade aprons that she wears at her shop. When she saw Depp as Tonto in the upcoming The Lone Ranger film, she decided to make an apron in his honor, but went a step further and even made a headpiece and donned his makeup.” BTW, Jenny Rae mentioned on her FB page, linked above, that she’s going to see “The Lone Ranger” on the Disney lot in Burbank. Pretty cool!
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May 19

The Girl Who Waited

Today, we have another project by SpeakGeekAndEnter, a regular poster over at Crafter. SGAE was last featured here in March 2013 for the Daryl Dixon plush from “The Walking Dead.” Today’s entry is Amy Pond, “The Girl Who Waited.”


‘I’ve been working to try and add in more details to my plushies — since most of my plushies are one of a kind dolls, I figure I might as well make them the very best, with as many details, as I can. I used silver metallic thread for her ‘zipper’ which I loveeeee. And bonus, I even got to use some of those “fancy” stitches on my machine that I never thought I’d use.”

And if you’re interested in getting your own Amy Pond doll, SGAE still has an Etsy store by the same name.

April 21

Introducing Beth Lynn!

bethlynnHello all!  I figured that since I’m brand new here, I may as well introduce myself!  (And introduce one of my most favorite projects, as well.)  I’ll be posting every Sunday afternoon, sharing my favorite geeky crafts from around the Internet!

As you may already have noticed, my name’s Beth Lynn.  I live with my husband Bryan, as well as four betta fish and a ridiculous collection of My Little Ponies, in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.  I’m working on a second masters degree, in Information Science, and when I’m not nose deep in homework, I’m doing some sort of awesome geeky craft project!  I’ve been geeky as long as I can remember – I was an early reader (my mom claims I started reading before I was 2!), I’ve been playing video games since the tender age of five, and my mom was a Trekkie, so I’ve always been surrounded by wonderful nerdy things.  I’ve also been crafting since I was tiny, making tiny puppets when I was 8 and making doll clothes when I was 12.  As I got older, I started making bigger projects, like blankets, stuffed animals, and costumes!

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April 13

TARDIS sewing box

tardis sewing box2tardis sewing box


I absolutely adore this wibbly wobbly TARDIS sewing box!! Joesuplicki on Craftster made this amazing sewing box from scratch! What a fantastic idea! I would love to have a suitably geeky sewing box for all my geeky crafts! I love the attention to detail, down to the character pins and the details inside the TARDIS (it’s bigger on the inside!). I wish I had the skills to make one of these!

March 23

My Little Pony: Dr. Whooves


Craftster user dfabbric made a cute MLP as the pony-fication (is that even a word?) of Tom Baker, the fourth actor to portray the Doctor.

“I’m really happy with how he turned out, though he looks a little angry. The pattern is by Valleyviolet. I hand knit his scarf and it’s removable.” dfabbric also has a blog, where she’s known as Diane, out of Alberta, Calgary.

Valleyviolet owns Violet’s Curious Miscellany over at Etsy, where the pony patterns range anywhere from $15-$45. And just in case a plush pony isn’t enough for you, check out the “Pony Creator” by General Zoi at Deviant Art.

March 16

The Cutest Dalek Ever


Allison Bitter has a free knit pattern over at Ravelry for your baby: a Dalek jumper! (You may need to create a user name and password in order to download the pattern.)

“You don’t have to wait for the baby in your life to grow up to put him or her in a Dalek jumper! …you can choose which two colors you’d like to make it. It uses around 215-250 yards of yarn and will probably keep you busy for a while – just long enough to figure out how to avoid extermination.”

And once your baby becomes the scourge of the universe, this little jumper would go well with the Dalek onesie, featured here on Geek Crafts a little over two years ago by Rossie.

Allison actually uploaded her pattern to Ravelry in November 2011. For more of Allison’s patterns, check out her blog, A Bitter Knitter.