September 13

Tutorial Tuesday: Goomba Dishcloth

Valerie from Der Himmel ist Grau (The Sky is Grey… in case you’re wondering) sent in a link to her blog.

Just so you know… she’s a crochet dishcloth pixel art ninja.

She’s made up crochet/knitting charts so that you too can crochet dishcloths adorned with goombas, koopa troopers, yetis, pac men and yummy yummy ghosts. Go for it!

August 31

Home Decor Lessons Learned from Burning Man

Blogger (and Offbeat Empire publisher) extraordinaire Ariel Meadow Stallings wrote this post on the home decor lessons she’s learned from Burning Man – from using colored lights to creating down-tempo zones.

From her post:

See, part of the Burning Man experience is creating a little home for yourself out in the desert. You are given a blank slate (a flat, dusty, dry lake bed) and it’s up to you to create a semblance of Somethingness out of the Nothingness. People go ALL OUT, of course — constructing entire buildings furnished with carpets, couches, beds, curtains — the whole shebang. Then at the end of the week, they tear or burn it all down, and cart the mess away. Whatever you may think of Burning Man, the way it creates a There out of Nowhere is truly remarkable… and there are lessons to be gleaned.

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