August 30

Not All Geek Crafts Have To Be Permanent

Sometimes, some of the most stunning of crafts can be edible and insanely easy. This is one of them.


The poster of this craft wrote that his/her friend created this portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard out of ketchup, mustard, hoisin sauce, and bleu cheese. There’s no other information available about it, but it’s popped up all over the Internet. Personally, the only thing I can think to say about it is, “Mr. Data, let’s stop for a snack. Warp Factor Trisket!”

September 14

Oh Captain, my Captain

Semel posted a quilt she made, over at Crafster. “Made for a couple of very special trekkies for their wedding. It is queen sized, made with about 4500 2″ squares. I started it in April and just finished it Friday – in time for the wedding rehearsal!”

316519_18Aug13_1185435_10151655810412881_429974414_n front

Patrick Stewart’s portrait graces the front of this quilt while the Star Fleet insignia is on the back, making this a reversible quilt.

316519_18Aug13_1174529_10151655811162881_58382760_n back

Fun fact…Semel also made the Big Bang Theory/Sheldon quilt.