May 26

DIY Live Long & Prosper Star Trek hoodie

DIY Live Long & Prosper Hoodie

In honor of the recent release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, I thought it fitting to share a Star Trek craft: a do-it-yourself Live Long & Prosper (LLAP) hoodie. My husband got a commercial version of this as a gift, so I thought it was clever that someone came up with their own DIY version.

Since it’s posted on, it includes a full tutorial of how to make it yourself. It involves making a stencil from a thin piece of wood, which I thought was interesting. I wonder if you couldn’t just use butcher/freezer paper?

So have you seen the new Trek movie? We went to the midnight viewing and loved it. Great story, action, and special effects. We’ll definitely be adding it to our Blu-Ray collection. What did you think?

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