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November 15

Doctor Who Knits

The 50th anniversary of  Doctor Who is fast approaching and my answer is of course to craft all the Doctor Who things.  Now not even I can knit The Scarf in a week, but there are quite a few smaller items that one can get their hands on. Hyde & Co. designs has one of best small 5th doctor knits I’ve ever seen. This free pattern is a great small knit for the next week.


Fifth doctor not your style? How about the Tardis Mitts by SpillyJane knits?  The pattern includes fingerless mitts if a full mitten is not your speed.


Or how about Bowties are Cool fingerless gloves by yours truly if you want to go the quietly nerdy route?



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September 7

An Instrument Fit For a Doctor

For details on this custom Doctor Who ukulele, please sit down first. I want to get the hard part done…the cost.

Are you ready?

tardis-ukulele-1Okay, here we go…it’s $700. I know we are talking about some beautiful work here from someone experienced in making custom ukuleles, but that $700 figure puts it a little out of my price range. (And no, I don’t play the ukulele, but if I had a TARDIS one, I’d learn how to jam on that bad boy!)

tardis-ukulele-2The tone and volume of ukuleles varies with its size and construction. They commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. The TARDIS ukulele is made from the following:
Fret board:– ipa
Bridge/ tailpiece :—— ipa
Body:——– maple
Neck:——– maple

Celentano Woodworks works out of North Carolina and also makes wall hangers for the ukuleles as well.

September 6

DIY: Doctor Who Heels


When running away across time and space, with a madman with a box, one needs the proper foot wear. Wen waiting for said madman with a box to run away with, one needs the proper footwear. Over at Doodle Craft there are detailed instructions on how to create your very own pair of Doctor Who shoes. You can decide for which scenario they are for.  I’d go with both, and work up a pair of ballet flats. A girl has to be ready to RUN!

September 6

Hello From Grace and Crocheted Hobbit Feet

Grace as EowynHello fellow geeky crafters! I’m new to the GeekCrafts family, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Grace and I’ll be posting on Fridays. I currently reside in Colorado with my husband, Jim, and our cat, Pepper Potts. My first true geek love is Lord of the Rings and the works of Tolkien in general (Roverandom, anyone?), as you can see from my attempt at an Eowyn costume here. I also love dragons, Disney, and Doctor Who, and my husband is attempting to teach me about Star Trek and X-Files. I am currently working on a TARDIS blanket, trying to make a Galadriel costume for Halloween/the next Hobbit movie premiere, attempting a steampunk version of Commander Lt. Riker for my husband, and hopefully making a steampunk Tinkerbell costume for myself in time for the next Anomaly Con.

Today, I’ll be showing one of my own tutorials that I am very proud of. When the Hobbit premiere rolled around last December, I knew I had to go in costume. I found a nice pattern for a skirt and bodice, but couldn’t find any hobbit feet that I liked. Having learned how to crochet all of three days beforehand, I decided to try and crochet my own hobbit feet using a crocheted sock tutorial video I found online. And, lo and behold, it worked!


Crocheted Hobbit Feet

Ta da!

On my blog, HappilyGrim (the only portmanteau of Grace and Jim that worked), I try and give directions both in stitches, and in relation to what part of the slipper is being created (i.e., 10 stitches, or however many to cover the tips of your toes). Let me know if you have any questions, and have fun making hairy hobbity feet!

August 31

River Song’s Journal/Shrine

Geekgirl1000100, also known as Carlee Dise, recently posted a shrine she made for Doctor Who and River Swan.



“I took a plain wooden box that was shaped like a book and made it look like River Song’s journal…I painted the exploding Tardis background but the Tardis itself is a 3-D cutout.”

For more in Carlee’s craftiness, check out her Pinterest page. She has an entire category dedicated to the altered shrine swap.

August 10

Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who With StoryBundle ebooks


Over on StoryBundle right now and for the next 10 days, you can pick up a sweet unofficial plethora of Doctor Who ebooks. StoryBundle is a pay what you want, DRM-free place for fantastic deals. Right now there’s Dalek I Loved You, Dining with the Doctor, Who and Me, and TARDIS Eruditorium Vol 2. If you pay at least $10 you get 2 bonus books, VWORP and The Best of the TARDIS Eruditorium. If your digital library is lacking in geekiness or you’re just looking to expand, this is the deal for you!

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