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August 10

Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who With StoryBundle ebooks


Over on StoryBundle right now and for the next 10 days, you can pick up a sweet unofficial plethora of Doctor Who ebooks. StoryBundle is a pay what you want, DRM-free place for fantastic deals. Right now there’s Dalek I Loved You, Dining with the Doctor, Who and Me, and TARDIS Eruditorium Vol 2. If you pay at least $10 you get 2 bonus books, VWORP and The Best of the TARDIS Eruditorium. If your digital library is lacking in geekiness or you’re just looking to expand, this is the deal for you!

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May 24

Epic Doctor Who Blanket

Birdy__Kim__and_me_holding_up_the_blanket_at_WHIBSIB_medium (1)

Look at this blanket. Now look at your blanket. Now back to this one. Now back to yours… I’m sorry, I had to. This blanket is epic.  Knit by Jessie’sGirl84 on Ravelry she used a mix of available doctor who designs and her own work to make this epic blanket.

All the Doctor Who… villains, Timelords, Companions  The scarf, the Tardis, Cassandra, even a fez.  Look at these squares. Look at them.



All of space and time in one wibbly wobbly blanket.

Available Patterns for squares:

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April 9

Look WHO It Is!

Geek Charming - Doctors

Ever wish you could travel with the Doctor? Or more than one Doctor? Well now you can! These little mini Doctor’s can go anywhere with you; on your keychain, around your neck, or in your Tardis (aka the bottomless pit that is your knapsack). These little guys are amongst many mini-me’s, and other geeky accessories, created by cosplayer Dex Morgan of Geek Charming. You can also check out her facebook page for more geeky goodies and awesome cosplay!
Disclaimer: Sales of the Doctors do not include rides in the Tardis.

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March 2

New Geek Crafts Writer: AmyLynn98 – A DIY Jedi Wanna Be


“Always in motion is the future.”

–Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Good morning, fellow Craft Geeks! I’m AmyLynn98 and I get to join all of you as your new Saturday morning poster. I enjoy crochet (a lot of the kinds of crochet and sewn items I make tend to be toys for friends and family made from my own patterns), sewing and card making as my main crafts, and now I can show all of you the really creative and crafty people out there that share our love handmade goodies. My favorite item that I’d like to take a crack at myself are these awesome TARDIS Chuck Taylors!

Some of the “geek” things that currently turn me on are Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek (I called myself a Trekkie before Trek was cool, and was proud of it), Doctor Who (my Doctors are #1, #4 and #10), Stephen King (I have a dog named Cujo), “The Big Bang Theory,” “Face Off” on SyFy, Abraham Lincoln, the Terminator, and most anything Halloween-related (more about the holiday than the movies, but those were good too). My plans for Halloween this year is to make a Gonk droid for my yard, finish off my Jedi costume (I’m a DIY Jedi!) and fix my full size guillotine.

Since I have to act like an adult most times, I work as a volunteer coordinator for a local hospice. I was able to start sharing my love of all things yarny and crocheted with our patients by providing them with handmade blankets. Volunteers up and down the East Coast help me to make them, and they all rock for it!

See you all on Saturday mornings…after the good cartoons are over, of course! Last one to the TV is a rotten egg!

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