December 20

Tutorial Tuesday: TARDIS Christmas Ornament

There’s nothing more christmassy than the TARDIS (or at least, not in my house, where the Daleks wear Santa hats and the Dr Who Christmas special is the cornerstone of the day).

And with not much more than some felt and a hot glue gun you can make your own TARDIS for your tree… not included in Carrie526‘s tutorial, however, is how to make it bigger on the inside… :-)

December 20

My favorite Christmas Cards

Is it some kind of Star Wars blasphemy to depict Darth Vader as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer or the Star Trek emblem as a Santa hat, well then these 2 Etsy card makers know no boundaries.

Maybe it’s too late to get these cards this year, but there’s always next.  Merry Christmas!

Darth Vader Reindeer by Etsy shop crabappledesign

and Star Trek Santa by Etsy shop Darkstars Creation



December 18

Star Wars Winter Warmer Hats

Knit Princess Leia Bun Hat,The weather outside is frightful but Star Wars hats are so delightful… Okay, so it doesn’t really have the same ring to it as the famous Christmas carol but they really are super cool. Anyone worth their salt will know there is a pretty big day coming up in the calender, one which we will all celebrate. Yup, the release of the Star Wars MMO Star Wars The Old Republic on December 20th. Most of us can wave goodbye to seeing our loved ones over the Christmas period but whilst he’s deciding to go Empire or Republic you can at least get some peace and quiet to craft.

This amazing hat is hand knitted by Etsy seller LittleBirdLucy. The knitted Princess Leia Bun Hat is available in Black or Brown and is available in Toddler, 4-6 years, teen and adult sizes. Yup we can all look this awesome, and just think how warm your ears would be!


Leia and Storm TrooperLisa (LittleBirdLucy) also makes an awwwwhhhhhh-dorable little Yoda hat available in sizes newborn to adult.

December 13

A Christmas Stocking to Make You Go “WOW”!

A few years ago I considered myself quite clever for printing a screenshot of World of Warcraft‘s Grandfather Winter on label paper and slapping it on a CD to make a Christmas ornament for my son. Oh, the shame, when I compare that to this amazing stocking project.

World of Warcraft cross-stitch Christmas stocking

Amy Campbell recently shared this stocking project in the Geeks United in Crafts Facebook group, and I had to immediately run over and share it here. Here’s how she described the project on her blog, A Harpy’s Point of View:

It was “a surprise gift for friends we met through World of Warcraft and their delightful little son… I took screenshots from the game World of Warcraft to get Grandfather Winter (aka Santa) and the tree from Orgrimmar. I then got pictures of my friends’ characters off the Armory. I shopped the three images together, including some presents from under the tree. Next, I made a patter using PC Stitch Pro.”

Seriously, as my son described it, legit. He also forgave me for my unimaginative ornament.

Now surely, I can get one of these whipped out by Christmas Eve, right?

Also, don’t forget GeekCraft founder Shayne is looking for Garden gnome projects for her ebook.

Links of Interest:

December 8

Visions of Sugarplums (& Electric Sheep)

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s understandable that we might all be getting a little excited, girls and bots alike. (Come on—you can’t tell me Data didn’t want to put Spot in a kitty-sized Santa hat.)

So here’s one for the robots in the crowd—or at least the robot aficionados—who want to deck the halls in a suitably festive fashion for this human holiday known as Christmas.

First up is a binary stocking, appreciated by androids and the technologically inclined alike. Oh, and if you’re multi-talented, you can knit one yourself with n2 Imaginations Design‘s pattern.

Next we’ve got a stocking by AnimationsDesigns that may outshine even Rudolph’s nose. Robots? Check. LEDs? Check. Awesome? Definitely check. And look at all the detail—each little robot is different.

If you want something a bit more understated than an illuminated stocking, My Imaginary Boyfriend has a slightly more traditional, rather rustic design (as rustic as robots get, I suppose).

And finally, I had to include this adorable stocking stuffer robot ornament from Sleepy Robot 13. I know, it’s not a stocking per se, but he’s holding one, so it kinda counts, right?