July 7


Kitty Meme CostumeI am not the hippest kid at the LOLCat convention by any stretch, so it is fair to say there are “internet memes” I miss completely, and plenty I just do not understand. Nyan Cat is some odd mix of both. I stumbled on Nyan Cat a few days ago, only to discover that Nyan Cat was in the process of actually taking over the world, using a rainbow shooting out of it’s bum, and wearing what appears to be a pop tart.

Nyan Cat Video*

The upside to Nyan Cat, I suppose, is that it is kind of cute. Craftasaurus Rex (but seriously, how cool is that name?)  sent me this picture of her cat, in the Nyan Cat Costume she made for her. Apparently, this is only a prototype, I look forward to seeing the 2.0!


*Warning to viewer: nothing changes. It’s the same for the whole 3+ minutes.

July 1

Nyan Cat Roundup

Pauly’s awesome and fuzzy Nyan Cat scarf got me thinking… there must be more Pop Tart kitty goodness available. Lo and behold, there is. I present to you my favorite Nyan Cat crafts from Etsy:

Nyan Cat Cross-stitch Pattern

If you’d like to make your own Nyan Cat, thatquietchick has a cross-stitch pattern. How long would you make your rainbow?

Nyan Cat Keep Calm Print

Why keep calm and carry on when you can keeep calmz and nyanyanyanyan with this print from DesignNoy?

Nyan Cat Key Chain

Let Nyan Cat keep watch over your keys with this tiny kitty keychain enclosed in resin from BitOfSugar.

Nyan Cat Mouse Pad

Nyan Cat will help you navigate the interwebz with DesignNoy‘s mouse pad.

Perler Bead Nyan Cat

NostalgicNerd made this Perler bead Nyan Cat extra special with neon and glitter beads.

Nyan Cat Plushie

Cuddle up with this plush Nyan Cat from Cinnamonstitch.

Nyan Cat Rubber Stamp

Stamp this hand-carved Nyan cat from xxNostalgic on all of your important papers. Add your own rainbow.

Nyan Cat Vinyl Wallet


I might have to buy this Nyan Cat vinyl wallet myself from kittencamaro.

June 28

Nyan Cat Crochet Scarf

Nyan Cat Crochet ScarfFor the uninitiated, Nyan Cat is is an 8-bit animation depicting a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through outer space.  I have always been fascinated by internet memes, and have seen many flying cats and at least a few pastry cats, but the cuteness and absurdity of Nyan Cat is certainly the pinnacle of “flying pastry cats” on the internet.

Etsian BlackPie has brought Nyan Cat off the screen and into your home with this delightful Nyan Cat crochet scarf.  Not only will you look cute and cozy in this wonderful tribute to Nyan Cat, but when life gets too stressful you can just close your eyes and imagine flying through space.

What are you waiting for?  Get the scarf!

Visit BlackPie on Etsy!

What’s that?  Another meme cat scarf on Geekcrafts?