April 9

Glass Beadwork Beads: Pokeball and Pac-man’s Inky

Last week Make: Craft featured a post on glass beadwork on wooden beads. As a bit of a dabbler in bead-weaving myself I was keen to have a go, and soon found myself wondering how to apply the technique to something geeky, as you do. What do you reckon to my Pokeball bead and Inky from Pac-man?

Glasswork beaded beads - Pac-man Ghost and Pokeball

It took some trial and error, and they aren’t the quickest of things to make, but enjoyable nonetheless. If you want to give it a go you’ll need lots of tiny seed beads (I used 3 mm), some tough beading thread and something to bead around. The tutorial uses wooden beads, but I used polystyrene balls from a craft store, so they are actually pretty lightweight.

The full beaded beads how-to can be found here. The tutorial is in Czech, but the images are easy to follow and you can see the Google Translate version of the page here.

If anyone has any suggestions for other spherical geeky things that could be beaded like this, post below!

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