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March 16

Cosplay Fun at Planet Comicon 2015!


I spent the past weekend at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, and even though I spent the weekend working my booth (The Costume Wrangler’s Closet), I did get to see some pretty awesome cosplay.  Above are some of the amazing folks from the Iron Brothers of Topeka (IBOTS).


This little Rainbow Dalek exterminates with cuteness according to her mom!


I had to run this boy down to get his picture for a friend who’s obsessed with Sharknado.  I particularly love the faux gore on all the sharks.  How creative is this kid?!


I snuck a snapshot of this cosplayed in a seriously cool Groot costume.


Technically this isn’t cosplay, but the Kansas City R2 Builders Club have got some pretty amazing R2s, like this R2-Q5, an evil R2 whose allegiance belonged to the Empire!


This chainmaille She-Ra was a volunteer from Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations.

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August 22

Mini Papercraft, Maxi Cool

Have you ever wanted to make an adorable mini papercraft version of…anything cool? Ever? Well, Gus Santome probably has you covered. She-Ra? Check! Batman? Yep! R2-D2? Indubitably!

Seriously, these are crazy cute. I haven’t tried to make any yet (partially because I already have too many knickknacks and gewgaws), but I could use a bit more flair on my desk at work…. Project!

August 1

Comically Cool Shoes

Now I know what I should have done with that container of Mod Podge that I had kicking around my craft box for…well, years. I should have made awesome shoes like these rad Batgirl babies, courtesy of Giant Dorkgasm proprietress The Dorktress. I could have She-Ra shoes! Of course, I’d have to dig up all the old mini-comics that came with the dolls, and they’re probably kicking around my grandparents’ attic. Hm. Maybe this isn’t practical. Though that hasn’t stopped me before….

Thanks to fellow Dorkgasm blogger Zack H. for sending me the link!

February 6

Poppet of Power

Lanikins and I are united by tragic stories of loss in our respective childhoods.  She lost her She-Ra to a bratty brother attack and rightfully gives him a hard time about this crime to this very day.

I mourned an entire She-Ra family of action figures (good guys and bad guys!) that was accidentally thrown away. I stored the crew in a plastic bag with their “wedding” regalia.  I “designed” these bridal party gowns using multicolored Kleenex and my grandmother mistook the heaps of colored facial tissue for trash.  The Crystal Castle, once buzzing with activity, stood empty and hollow. My wails of sadness were likely heard all the way in Eternia.

So nearly 30 years later, it warms my heart to see Lani passing along the joys of She-Ra to a new generation of powerful young princesses with the lessons learned: I have no doubt this She-Ra will not fall pray to bratty brothers, nor will she need to suffer the indignities of a Kleenex wedding dress. This particular plushie was made as an exchange with Padfoot, and it was destined for Padfoot’s daughter.  Lani does the cutting and sewing for all of her plushies sans pattern, because she is  a plushie making goddess. Most of her plushies are not for use as children’s toys, but she rose to this particular challenge by making a beautiful doll that is built to last. Just like the good ol’ Princess of Power herself.

As part of her process, she did watch a lot of She-Ra on Netflix, which sounds really fun. She is currently working on some Dr. Who’s (10 & 11) so I’m guessing she’s suffering through those Neflix marathons. What a trooper ;-)

December 21

Girl Geek Craft Crush, Lanikins

If you’ve been on craftster, then you’ve probably seen Lani Spear around.

Her recent She-ra  poppet , which she designed for a private swap with Padfoot, is an excellent illustration of how she embodies the soul of Geek Craftiness.

A little search through her previous projects shows the extent of her geeky inspiration, she also created the uncanny Coraline, Coraline is so film-realistic she could be on a shelf in a store and wouldn’t look out of place.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that next time I’m in a crafster swap, I wind up with Lani as my partner, she’s an awesome geek crafter!

Check out her projects on Craftster for goodies like; her gorgeous son dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Gir amigurumi (with tutorial), super cute Rocky Horror Eddie poppet, and an ADORABLE Sweeny Todd Poppet.

Go, look, enjoy, Kudos Lanikins.