March 3

Tutorial: Glowing USB Magic Potion

You know those glowing potions you pick up in many fantasy video games (hopefully right before a boss fight)? This is a quick project that makes a glowing, USB-powered potion that looks great at your cubicle/desk/office and shows off your geekiness. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, I could not take a picture that does this justice. It looks amazing in person though, trust me – it’s very blue and bright.

Backstory: when I first got my blue Scion xA, one of the first things I did was swapped out all the dash lights for blue LEDs and installed blue LEDs under the cupholders so it would make any translucent beverage container glow bright blue. When I saw these mana potions at ThinkGeek, I immediately thought those would look cool if they similarly glowed blue. So, this is how I did it…

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August 26

Lego Star Wars Clock

Lego Star Wars clock

This Lego Star Wars clock Instructables project opens with the sentence, “My son made this clock in clay class when he was 4 years old.” This is parenting done right, folks.

I love the idea for using Lego base pieces so you can move the minifigs around as you choose.

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July 3

Tutorial Tuesday: Geordi La Forge Visor

geordie visor

Thingiverse contributor¬†Drew Smith not only designed and made a near perfect replica of the visor worn my Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi La Forge, but he then took it to be signed by the Twitter god himself. Nerd points +10!

Even better, he’s uploaded instructions on how you can make your own visor!

June 24

Maker Faire KC 2012

Angie at Maker Faire

This weekend was Maker Faire at Union Station in Kansas City and my daughter and I happily attended. To be honest, it was more of the same from last year – 3D printers, robotics, Arc Attack, and artisians of various forms and varieties. But we enjoyed ourselves, and were pleased to see some new chainmaille vendors, and some sort of hand-to-hand combat demos going on outside the Station.

One interesting booth was the Urban Farming Guys, which was a demonstration in aquaponics. I hardly know how to explain it, but it was cool. They had this planter with a large water tank beneath it. Tilapia fish in the tank poop in the water, then the poop water feeds the plants above. The plants filter the water through their roots, and it cycles back down to the fish tank. When the fish get big enough, you can eat them. A complete recyclable system. Very interesting.

Urban Farming guys

Urban Farming Guys - Tilapia

Other interesting booths/displays: a woman who made art from junk mail, numerous 3D printers and “printed” items, a Titanic ship made from Legos, a solar-powered car, robotics demos, and a craft gallery with lots of jewelry, knitting, and chainmaille examples.

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June 23

May the bars be in your favor!

Check out this cell phone decorated with adorable chibi Katniss, Gale and Peeta! Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with bars lately. Can you use your cell phone here…or here…no, maybe just outside of this door and to the left. We go through some weird antics just to be able to send a quick text, tweet or make that important phone call. At least while we wander around like a person possessed trying to find that elusive bar, we can look good.

Can you hear me now? Do I care? My cell phone looks AWESOME!