May 14

Felted Darwin Bust

needle-felted Darwin bust

Spring is starting to turn into summer.  Change is in the air.  Squirrels are finding their autumn treasures.  Some lucky acorns will grow into mighty trees.  Does are throwing baby showers for one and another in the woods and birds are looking for some action.

I have a feeling my favorite naturalist enjoyed this time of year.  My hats off to The Greedy Crocodile for her felted busts. If you are more of a physics or literature kind of person, her shop includes some luminaries from those fields.

She’s also got an amazing sculpture of my girl, Marie Curie. I hope to see some more famous women in the future as well!

May 5

Steampunked Upcycling!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Upcycyling, it’s when you take an item that is no longer of use like an old holey sweater or a broken wooden pallet and you craft it into something shiny and new. You can turn an old sweater into leg warmers or a cat bed. That broken pallet can be morphed into a raised planter box or even bookshelves.

Here is a Most Excellent upcycle that was found on Craftster. Mieljolie was looking for inspiration for a piece to donate to a silent auction at an upcoming Steampunk event. Look at her creation!

It’s hard to believe it but this hat is made up of strips cut from a remnant of polar fleece and the metal tabs that you find on cans of soda. The technique is called tabistry and you use the strips to weave the tabs together. She changed the color of the polar fleece to make the stripes. The beer goggles are made from 2 (now empty obviously!) beer cans, some leather bits and studs for decorative effects.

Ingenious I say!

February 8

My first post!

My name is Spyral. I’m pretty much a mad scientist of crafts (think Young Frankenstein not Human Centipede).

This is my first post on Geek Crafts. It was supposed to be posted yesterday but better late than never. I am wicked excited to be contributing to Geek Crafts! I love odd things therefore, a lot of my work is reflects that in some crazy way. Since I am weird, and slightly narcissistic,  for my first post I thought I would share some of my more abnormal creations with you all.

This is a cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros necklace. If you’re a medical geek you know that cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros means “connected at the head and thorax.” It is one of my tattoos. I like to think of them as a symbol of sisterly love. My sister and I are connected at the head and heart. Cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros is on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, my Mecca. If you don’t know about the Mutter Museum I believe it’s a crime against humanity not to click this link

This pattern was originally posted on the AntiCraft. While I was knitting it I got lazy and made a few changes. I also turned them into heat pads.

This is a tiny Old Gregg that I knitted for my little brother. I think it came out just awful but my brother likes it.

This is a Fetus Coin Purse. I found the pattern on The AntiCraft. I love that site! It is really creative.

I joke and call this piece my masterpiece. It was my first time knitting with multiple colors. It’s a Cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros bag.

You can find more messed up stuff on my craft blog: SPYRALEYES DESIGNS

January 9

Carcassone T-shirt embroidery

With yet another holiday season behind us, it is nice to reflect on some of the quality time spent with family and friends. I was fortunate enough to have my wonderful in-laws visit us from Milawaukee for a few days around the New Year’s holiday. One of our favorite things to do together is play the game Carcassonne. If you are not familiar with Carcassonne, it is a tile-based German-style board game that has been lauded, by some, as one of the best-designed board games out there. So fun, you guys.

Today’s craft comes by way of Laura Hatrich’s embroidery of one of the Carcassonne tiles on a T-shirt for her husband. You can see the side-by-side comparison of the embroidery and tile in the image.  Really smart use of the various thread colors to bring out the detail in the tile! I have no doubt Laura’s husband incited envy among Carcassonne lovers wherever he went!

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