July 15

Harry Potter Quiet Book – Pin of the Week

I get a lot of my geeky crafty inspiration from Pinterest, so I thought I would share with you all my favourite pin each week. You can follow my Pinterest geek crafts board here.

harry potter quiet book

My favourite pin this week is this Harry Potter quiet book. How epic is this?! I love it! You can get the pattern to make one for yourself here. I actually quite want one for myself, even if I don’t have a child! Enjoy :)

July 6

Studio Ghibli Full Sleeve Tattoo

Studio Ghibli Full Sleeve Tattoo

Check out this stunningly beautiful Studio Ghibli Full Sleeve Tattoo! Ghibli has to be my all time favourite animation studio (possibly tied with Disney), and this tattoo shows off the artwork beautifully, incorporating at least five different Ghibli films in a seamless sleeve. I have to say, I am very jealous of this ink!

April 9

Look WHO It Is!

Geek Charming - Doctors

Ever wish you could travel with the Doctor? Or more than one Doctor? Well now you can! These little mini Doctor’s can go anywhere with you; on your keychain, around your neck, or in your Tardis (aka the bottomless pit that is your knapsack). These little guys are amongst many mini-me’s, and other geeky accessories, created by cosplayer Dex Morgan of Geek Charming. You can also check out her facebook page for more geeky goodies and awesome cosplay!
Disclaimer: Sales of the Doctors do not include rides in the Tardis.

August 13

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

What I’d like to show you guys today is this amazing Harry Potter advent calendar made by Missing Willow.

Each drawer contains an item, note about the item and a small treat/sweet. It also has a small cupboard to put the trinkets in as each day passes which is a great idea to collect them all up watching the days tick closer to Christmas!