December 14

Crocheted Pac Man Toys

Carey Huffman of Full Of Fluff made these awesome Crocheted Pac Man Toys for a friend, and now the world is knocking down her door for the pattern (which you can find on her blog). Now, I know I posted a Pac Man craft just a couple days ago, but have you looked at these guys? They are so cute and full of win! I can see hours of entertainment for both me and my cats if I had these babies around (although I might just put them on my desk where they can look cool). (via shinyshiny).

December 12

Pac Man Felted Wool Mittens

It’s definitely winter around here, and so, I think it is safe to say it’s “mitten season”. These Pac Man Felted Wool Mittens by EnviroCrafter are super awesome and look super warm. Not only that, but they are “green“, as they were made from felted wool from recycled sweaters and lined with new polar fleece insides! These are an awesome gift for the warm mitten loving, Pac Man aficionado in your life.