October 3

Reader Submission: Vocaloid Magnet Cosplay

I’m going to admit right now that I’m not cool enough to be aware of Vocaloid, and if you are similarly clueless I suggest you go educate yourself.

Sherry from miccostumes.com upcycled an old wedding dress to make a Vocaloid Magnet costume.

If you’re sat there behind your computer monitor going “OMG Squueeeeee =^.^= <3 <3 <3 Vocaloid!!!! <3” then you’re in luck, as Sherry has shared a how-to here.

September 26

Reader Submission: Morse Code “Epic Win” Necklace

Here‘s a submission from Megan “Captain Girl Geek” at the Girl Geek Boutique.

“Gunmetal silver beads (as dots) and silver, gold, and copper striped electronic components (choke coils, as dashes) spell out the phrase “EPIC WIN” in morse code: “. .–. .. -.-. .– .. -.”.”

If your first thought was WEWT!… hey… she’s got the earrings for you!

I’m kind of thinking of this as a princess-and-the-pea kind of deal. A girl geek walks around with this around her neck and the day a suave geeky male points and shouts “EPIC WIN” with a smug smile on his face is the day she’s found a geek worthy of being her Prince Charming…. or something…

September 19

Reader Submission: Felt Space Man

Geekcrafts reader Stephanie used the Submit a Geekcraft link to show us this super-cute spaceman and rocket:

“I made this felt spaceman and rocket pillow for my friend’s 3 year old son. The spaceman is handsewn acrylic felt. “

I’m so jealous of that 3 year old! … but then that’s nothing new… I’m jealous of anyone whose biggest ethical dilemmas of the day is whether it’s right or wrong to use the cat as a pencil sharpener…

September 12

Reader Submission: Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

You know it’s only 103 days ’til Christmas?

Yup… tell me to shut up, I would! ;-)

Or even better, use your force powers to pin me up against the wall by my neck.

Natalie from Rose Colored Glass Half Full has a glorious tradition of making Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments every year. Check out the 2009 and 2010 collections here.

August 29

Reader Submission: Mythical Beast Sculptures

Sarah H sent in a link to the fantastic work of Ellen From Creatures of El.

In the words of Ellen herself:

“Each sculpture is handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush. By virtue of this primal process, each creation is completely unique and produced in a fluid and intuitive manner… With inspiration derived from animal physiology and a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd, each sculpture is unique and personable.”

absolutely outstanding work



August 23

Tutorial Tuesday: Harry Potter Sunglasses

All you fantastic, trendsetting Geekcrafts readers have probably got your early access passes for Pottermore.

But for all of you who are left behind, weeping into your sorting hat, don’t dismay! We’ve got some HP awesomeness brought to you by blogger Moinette.

Did you go see The Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 3D? did you get some amazing Harry Potter 3D glasses? Follow Moinette’s tutorial to give them a new lease of life as the most Potteriffic sunglasses you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Who needs Pottermore anyhow?