May 24

It’s Elementary, Shersocks

Shersocks by Megan-Anne Llama

Is it just me, or has it been waaaaay too long since there’s been a new BBC Sherlock episode? January 2014 was FOREVER ago! Word is there will be a one-off Christmas special (set in 1895! Interesting!) this year, with the fourth season/series of three new episodes in filming in spring 2016.

Until then, there are seasons/series 1-3 to binge watch, and this lovely sock pattern by Megan-Anne Llama, of Geek-A-Long fame, to cast on to your needles. She aptly named it Shersocks.

She did a spot-on job recreating Sherlock’s iconic wallpaper in the colorwork chart, complete with the yellow smiley face, and a contrasting bright yellow heel. Aren’t they fantastic?

What project do you currently have on the needles? (Or hook, if crochet is more your thang?) Share in the comments below and link us up!

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January 19

Win a Free Custom Pendant from The Geekerye!


The Geekerye is a lovely little shop on Etsy that specializes in jewelry representing a variety of fandoms.  The shop owner, Rose Brown, customizes these pendants with just about anything you could want.  How about your name in Gallifreyan? She can do that.  How about something from Supernatural or Sherlock or The Hobbit?  She can do that too.  Take a look at her shop, and be sure to head over to the KC Geek Corps Facebook Page to enter the free giveaway!


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January 18

Sherlock Craft: A Study in Pink Earrings

Sherlock Study in Pink Earrings by Angelas Crafty Distractions

Many of the Sherlock fandom crafts I see pay homage to his iconic damask wallpaper, or his signature coat and scarf. I like this project because it steps outside that, with a hat tip to the first episode, “A Study in Pink.”

Angela put together these cute earrings using “growing” sponge capsules and candy sprinkles! Because who doesn’t need more sprinkles in their life??

I also like that she made them based on a challenge issued by her daughter – crafty mom superpowers to the rescue!

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February 7

Knit a Pair of Johnlock Mittens

Series 3 of BBC’s Sherlock has just wrapped and these mittens are  a great project to work on during your next re watch.  You know you want to. This pattern actually came out in December so a good wintery pattern.  You have Sherlock and John on the back of you hands deducing their way through the wintery weather.


Pick two colors, possibly one for Sherlock and one for John and get crafting.




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January 25

Are You Feeling Sherlocked?

Knickertwist over at Craftster posted two awesome BBC version Sherlock crafts that demand to be shared.

First up, her 221B Baker Street Altoid Tin.


You really need to go to her original post, linked above, to see the amazing job Knickertwist did on creating the tiny interior of 221B Baker Street! Let’s just say that it inlcudes furnishings SMALLER than a penny, all of them handmade! But she wasn’t done just yet.

She started getting requests to BUY her tiny little handmade apartment. And she just couldn’t part with it. So, she created a tutorial on how to create your very own (even smaller) 221B Baker Street from a matchbox!

And if you need more of a Knickertwist fix, check out her Pixie Hill blog.

September 20

Sherlock 221B Knit Beanie

The beanie had it coming…

Are you a fan of the BBC’s Sherlock? Tired of waiting for series 3 to finally come out? Then do I have a project for you!

Sherlock 221B Knit Beanie

“Bored! Bored! I don’t know what’s gotten into the criminal classes. Good job I’m not one of them.”

“So you take it out on the wall?”

“Ah, the wall had it coming.”

Sami Brooker of created a wonderful knit pattern of the wallpaper design found in Sherlock Holmes’ flat at 221B Baker Street, complete with yellow smiley face. She used a circular size US 8 needle to knit the ribbed, bottom-up beanie, perfect for any Sherlock fan, or an unsuspecting friend. Her pattern can also be found on



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