April 25

Okami Needlework

I don’t play a lot of video games just because I don’t have a lot of time (or hand-eye coordination, but that’s not important). But this Okami embroidery is so pretty that I looked for the game. I haven’t played it yet, but only because I can’t rent it in my town. This is only DeathToLems’ fourth embroidery, and I think she’s doing a fantastic job! The details on the body and the way the flames look are very cool. DeathToLems said: “The image itself is about 6 inch wide and about 5 inches tall…took me about a day to do”. Love it.

April 2

Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Pin

Assassin's Creed 2 PinIt’s funny to think of what a beautifully rendered game like Assassin’s Creed 2 would have looked like if it had been made back in the 8-bit days.

Well, Sarah Clayton has eliminated some of the guess work by creating this nifty 8-bit Ezio pin out of Perler beads, which is available through her Etsy shop, Geeky Gamer.

I can just imagine this little pixelated assassin navigating his way across levels of blocky platforms and shanking little square Templars in the back, all in time to a tinny electonic soundtrack.

March 9

1 Up Mushroom Quilt

Craftster user shan-E-bear made this “Mario 1up mushroom quilt of doom!” and it looks so cool! She said: “I was flipping through all the wonderful quilty and non quilty creations and I stumbled upon a mario pixel quilt, the husband who was playing video games behind me, went “awesome!” hence the birth of our first quilt together! And I did make him help!” I love how pixelated games translate so well into crafts like quilting, because then we get awesome stuff like this!

February 15

Mario Mushroom Cushion

There are lots of Mario Mushroom pillows out there. Fleece plush ones, quilted ones, and of course, my favourite, Tunisian crochet ones. DeviantArt user AKRY has shared their knitted Mario Mushroom fan art cushion. This little pillow makes me think of all the little pillows I could make and place around my house strategically. Okay, I just want to be able to throw a green one at my hubby and then tell him “1UP!” I just won’t make any purple ones to get thrown back at me. If you lack the time or skills (or pattern) to make your own fan art pillows stop by knittedlove’s Etsy and buy the perfect cushion for your Beaded Mushroom Pin!

February 10

Pearler Peashooter

I have spent many hours playing Plants vs. Zombies so I have to suppress the urge to obtain lots of these little pearler peashooters to set up rows of them in my living room. Etsy user 8bitclassics (also littlemissysg on DeviantArt) made this little guy from their own fan art design pattern based on the Pop Cap game, and they have the Sunflower you are sure to need as well. Check out their shop for all sorts of pearler goodness, etched glasses, and some especially cute felted figures.

I think I can hold off only until spring. Then the snow will be gone and my garden gnome will be ready for his new army to defend against any zombie invasion!